Yes Please: Patent Leather Backpacks

Yes Please: Patent Leather Backpacks(Photos: Need Supply Co.)

Let's be honest: sometimes a girl has so much to carry that one shoulder strap won't suffice (without the threat of throwing off said girl's alignment, thereby rendering all of those hot yoga classes totally meaningless). 

In those weight-baring times, a backpack is a girl's best friend, yet finding a backpack worthy of said girl's fashion-forwardness and overall sartorial excellence is not always the easiest task.

Enter: these neutral patent leather numbers by LA label Harper Ave, which take inspiration from the architecture of Le Corbusier, and are thoughtfully designed with breathable leather back panels and easy-access pockets. We're in love—and, amazingly, our wallets are heavier as a result (because the cost of months of chiropractic appointments vastly outweighs this price tag). Bonus!

Le Corb Patent Leather Backpacks, $209 each at Need Supply Co.