The Best (Affordable) Brands for Petites

Small sizes and small prices FTW.

If you, like me, happen to have short limbs and narrow shoulders—then you, like me, probably struggle to find clothes that actually fit you. Well, after years of shopping (and returning), I've gathered my favorite affordable brands for smaller statures. Scroll down to have a look.

1. H&M

The Best (Affordable) Brands for Petites

Not only is the price point incredible, they have a true Euro fit. Their sizing is also remarkably consistent (a rarity these days!). Without even trying them on, I automatically know their cocktail dresses will fit me like a glove. I've found their work section comes in particularly handy as I love their sophisticated pencil skirts and slim-fitting blazers.


The Best (Affordable) Brands for Petites

I'm so used to American sizing that I was surprised to order a dress from ASOS that I couldn't get into. Their petite sizing is truly for the ultra-tiny. I'm particularly fond of their wiggle dresses and find the huge online retailer to be perfect for shopping for special occasions like a wedding or NYE party. They carry a lot of brands and the quality can definitely be hit or miss. With free shipping over $40 and free return shipping, if you have an upcoming event I recommend ordering a few items at a time. Their sales also happen to be extraordinary—I just ordered a gorgeous gown for $27 that was originally $100.

3. J.Crew

The Best (Affordable) Brands for Petites

When I used to work in the fashion industry as a technical designer, I was taught the most important measurement on a coat is the shoulder width. Not only is this the first part of the fit women consciously or unconsciously react to, it is the only thing that can't be tailored. Most coats are far too bulky in the shoulders for me, but J.Crew's petites fit beautifully. My all time favorite topper is their gray "Majesty" pea coat I've owned for five years and wear religiously. The prices aren't as low as H&M but the quality can't be beat and it's still a fraction of the cost of luxury brands like MaxMara and Burberry. Don't forget to check out their Factory store, as well, where I just snagged a classic wool camel topcoat for a steal of $95. The fit is flawless.

4. Ann Taylor / Loft

The Best (Affordable) Brands for Petites

I really haven't been taking advantage of Ann Taylor enough because rumor has it they offer free tailoring. They're also a great resource for polished office-wear.

5. Gap & Express

The Best (Affordable) Brands for Petites

I'm joining these two because I like them especially for jeans. When I was into low-rise denim Express was my go-to. Now that I've been wearing higher rises, nearly all of my jeans are from Gap. I was surprised to find that my Gap jeans have worn way better—no holes, no loss of shape, no color fade—than my designer Paige pair that felt surprisingly flimsy and frustratingly bagged out at the knees with every wear.

6. American Eagle

The Best (Affordable) Brands for Petites

At first AE seemed like a high school knock-off of Abercrombie & Fitch, but now in my 30s I still find them a great stop for denim, swimsuits and XXS (online only) tops. They also continue to have the cutest and comfiest "boy short" undies around—and at 7 for $27, it's easy to stock up.

7. Mango

The Best (Affordable) Brands for Petites

Not only does Mango have a wonderful collection of outerwear that comes in XXS, but my all-time favorite sweater dress is from their line. They're a great bet because they have high-quality items with frequent sales.

I should also mention my two favorite petite blogs: Extra Petite and Alterations Needed. They have super inspiring outfit ideas, offer thorough reviews of new pieces and are an overall fantastic resource for petite fashion.

Sound off in the comments if I missed any petite brands or blogs you love!

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