6 Tricks to Wearing Heels Without Killing Your Feet

If you dread pulling out your stilettos, this is for you.

6 Tricks to Wearing Heels Without Killing Your Feet

Let's face it: We all love heels, but how many of us actually look forward to trudging around in them all day? Unless you're some sort of stiletto-wearing superhero or have splurged on the world's most comfortable Jimmy Choos (and, really, even then we'd still be skeptical), wearing high heels is a total chore.

But it doesn't have to be SO bad. Here are a few hacks that will ease your pain when you do decide to spend your day four inches taller.

Make Sure Your Heels Actually Fit

If your shoes are already too snug, you're only asking for pain after an hour or two — or maybe less. And then you're not only going to ache, chances are you'll end up with a painful blister and will then fantasize about crawling around for the rest of the day — because even changing into flats is painful when you have a gnarly blister.

And If You DO Get a Blister, Do Something Right Away

There's no two ways around it: Blisters are brutal. But you'll be able to ease the pain with products like Compeed Blister Cushions. These bad boys (which come in a variety of sizes and shapes), provide great cushioning to save your skin from rubbing and pressure the next time you have to put on shoes — because Netflix and chill is great but you're going to have to leave the house eventually.

6 Tricks to Wearing Heels Without Killing Your Feet

Think of these like a great cushioned band-aid that will last for a few days, until you're ready to repeat the cycle all over again.

Stand Up Straight

Did you know your posture has a lot to do with how hard you are on your feet? If you have good posture and engage your core, you'll feel less pain on your tootsies and walk more confidently to boot.

If you feel like you have a tendency to lean forward and crane your neck while wearing heels, practice leaning back a little to compensate.

Take Small Steps and Walk Slowly

6 Tricks to Wearing Heels Without Killing Your Feet

Life isn't a race — especially when you're wearing sky-high heels. You might not get to where you're going at lightning speed, but you'll have a chance at being able to walk back to your car if you pace yourself.

Break Your New Shoes In

Your feet will seriously thank you if you stretch them out a tad before you go tear up the dance floor — or even make it through a day of sitting behind a desk. There are a bunch of different ways to do this, ranging from bringing them to your local cobbler to putting on a chunky pair of socks, slipping on said heels, and using a blowdryer to stretch out the places that are too tight.

Take It Easy

6 Tricks to Wearing Heels Without Killing Your Feet

Unless you're Carrie Bradshaw, don't set out to cross the Brooklyn Bridge in heels. Or do a dance marathon in stilettos. You're just asking for it! Instead, know your heels limit (like you did with shots in college!).  Another good rule is to sit down every 20 minutes to take the literal weight off your feet.

Another good idea: Stuff a pair of ballet flats (or flip flops if it's warm enough) in your car or purse. That way you're not in a bind if your feet really start killing you. Because no one wants to be the barefoot girl after a night out at the bars.

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