Fashion Week Tribe: Street Style Bloggers

Fashion Week Tribe: Street Style BloggersStreet Style Bloggers of New York Fashion Week by Tanya Leigh Washington
Location: Fashion Week
Tribe: Street Style Bloggers

The fiercest of the Fashion Week tribes, this subculture of show-goers treat dressing like a competitive sport. Come Fashion Week, you can find these style junkies in their natural habitat peacocking around the Lincoln Center. Independent creatures by nature, members can be witnessed posing solo for their next blog entry or to lure street style photographers. The best of the best stake out the front row at major fashion shows in their can't-look-away designer attire.

Defining markings: Bright hues (no black or basic denim here), deliberate mismatching (in all imaginable ways), and/or statement EVERYTHING (shoes, bag, jewelry). They've even been known to pull off such style conundrums as sequined harem pants, flame shoes, and enormous neon clutches.

Stay tuned for our next Fashion Week anthropological study: Models.
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