Rumor: Did Calvin Klein Hire a Private Investigator to Spy on His Ex?

Rumor: Did Calvin Klein Hire a Private Investigator to Spy on His Ex?
(Getty) Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber, right, in 2011

Is Nick Gruber, the ex-porn-star who's writing a tell-all about his two-year relationship with Calvin Klein, being stalked by Klein's private investigators?

According to a report in today's Page Six, Gruber claims that private investigators have been making contact, claiming to have dirt on John Luciano, Gruber's new flame.

For example, this week in New York: "The investigator showed up at my table and started harassing me and my [boyfriend]," Gruber told the gossip column. "He said, 'Your boyfriend is in the mob and is being followed by the fed.' Then this morning he showed up at my hotel.

"Calvin can hire goons to follow John and me all he wants—we have nothing to hide," Gruber says. "I've moved on. I've never been happier."

Why would Klein have hired investigators to tail Gruber and Luciano? Who knows. Maybe it has something to do with the pending release of the tell-all unauthorized book about Klein. Or maybe it's something more.

According to a Page Six source, Klein thinks that Luciano and Gruber are "involved in various unsavory business activities intended to embarrass him."

So, could be the book.

What do you think about this whole situation? Is it ever right to kiss and tell—even if you can make a quick buck penning a book about your famous ex? Tell us what you think in the comments section, below.
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