Sneak Peek: Britney Spears in 'Lucky' Magazine

Sneak Peek: Britney Spears in 'Lucky' Magazine
(Images courtesy Lucky)

Sneak Peek: Britney Spears in 'Lucky' MagazineBritney Spears covers the December issue of Lucky Magazine—which hits newsstands November 6th. Here's a sneak peek at Spears' interview—and fashion spread.

On her favorite freebies—and what she wears to hide her zits: "I get, like, these giant boxes of lip gloss and nail polish, and it's like candy. I really just wear mascara all the time. And powder, because I have zits."

On her fiance Jason Trawick: "He says he doesn't mind that I sit around in sweats all the time."

Would she let her kids get into show business? "If there was something they really wanted to do and we were passionate about, I'd encourage them to follow their dreams. But I'd also be there behind the curtain saying, 'No, don't go out there.'"
Sneak Peek: Britney Spears in 'Lucky' Magazine
Here's what she does in her free time: "I work out. I swim. I play with the kids, I cook and I garden. We play Connect Four. We play Candy Land. Last night we read The Night Pirates."

Her current fashion obsession: "Big, stupid earrings, like with loops and feathers."

She never wears: "I never wear socks. I hate socks."


Sneak Peek: Britney Spears in 'Lucky' MagazineAre you a Britney Spears fan? Check out the latest issue of Lucky Magazine, on newsstands November 6th (Election Day!).
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