This Guy's Watch Saved His Life

This Guy's Watch Saved His Life
(Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Breitling) Alaskan hunter Mark Spencer with his Breitling Emergency Watch.

This Guy's Watch Saved His Life
Breitling watchback (Breitling)
After 48 treacherous hours of being stranded in the Alaskan wilderness, grizzly bear hunter Mark Spencer made it out alive to tell the tale—and it's all thanks to that timepiece on his wrist.

The watch is no ordinary time-teller, though. It's a Breitling—a luxury range of chronometer-certified wristwear that comes equipped with a built-in homing signal.

One of those bad boys can cost up to $5,000 (or more) a pop. But that kind of seems like nothing when you compare it to the price of your life, right?

Once he realized he was done and lost, Spencer activated a micro-transmitter in his watch by unfolding, get this, a mini-antenna out from the depths of his bling. The antenna's distress signal alerted a rescue team nearby, who was able to swoop in with a helicopter and save the hunter.

"Breitling is the number one piece of equipment I always bring with me," said Spencer in a statement. "Even if I lose everything, I will always have my watch. That gives me and my family peace of mind."

How's that for some good PR?