Liz Claiborne Founder Tells Lady Gaga to 'Grow Up'

Bauer Griffin
(Bauer Griffin) Lady Gaga in London

Last week, a palaver of overblown fashion proportions unfolded at New York Fashion Week when, in her New York Times review of the Oscar de la Renta show, fashion critic Cathy Horyn noted that de la Renta was a "hot dog"—as in, a showman demonstrating that he was full of new tricks. De la Renta interpreted this as Horyn literally calling him a hot dog—as in pink processed meat wrapped in synthetic casing that's sold on street corners in Manhattan—and took out a full-page ad in WWD calling her a "stale three-day-old hamburger."

Then, out of nowhere, Lady Gaga got involved in the fray—defending de la Renta by tweeting: "@OscarPRGirl Bravo Oscar. Only you would be so chic as to purchase an entire page in WWD, making statements like a good fashion citizen."

And now today, Art Ortenberg, co-founder of Liz Claiborne and Horyn's boyfriend, gets involved, via a letter-to-the-editor in WWD. It says, referencing Gaga's tweet and her September column in V Magazine wherein she argues that everyone's opinion on fashion is equal:
True, Cathy Horyn is my girlfriend. Nevertheless, I feel it necessary to cudgel Gaga for her badly informed, dumbing-down opinion that an uninformed opinion is as valid as that of a seasoned critic — as though Gaga and Bridget Foley of WWD or David Denby of The New Yorker or Ben Brantley of The New York Times or Brooks Atkinson or Pauline Kael or any professional critic is just another opinion and that Gaga’s vacuous thoughts deserve the same status. Grow up, Gaga.
What do you think? Do you think that everyone's opinion on fashion is equal? That the opinion of a highly-regarded critic with more than 20 years' knowledge and experience should be held in equal regard as any random person on the street? Sound off in the comments!
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