Our Fashion Editor Friends Answer: What Was Your Best-Ever Holiday Gift?

Our Fashion Editor Friends Answer: What Was Your Best-Ever Holiday Gift?
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We're going to let you in on a little secret: Sometimes, the presents fashion people really love the best aren't the most glamorous, which is why we—and a few of our editor friends!—decided to answer the question "What was your best-ever holiday gift?" 
Danica Lo, Executive Editor, StyleBistro
Probably the Barbie Malibu Beach House or the Barbie Pink Convertible I got when I was a kid. Or my first-ever Cabbage Patch Kid—or Koosa, does anyone else remember Koosas? My parents really resisted buying me one—and, in retrospect, they were probably right about Koosas being a little creepy-looking.
Our Fashion Editor Friends Answer: What Was Your Best-Ever Holiday Gift?
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Kenzie Bryant, Associate Editor, Racked National
I have to go with the Aladdin video game for Super Nintendo. It was the beginning and end of my video game career, but I played it constantly between ages 5 and 7. It's the "best" Christmas present ever because (a) it's the coolest and (b) the ability to beat the game in 20 minutes flat ensured my awesomeness in the hearts and mind of every man boy that ever lived. I am completely serious. Be great at Aladdin and get all the dates you never knew you didn't want. Thanks mom and dad!
Tanya Leigh Washington, Senior Associate Editor, StyleBistro
As a kid, any and everything to do with horses—figurines, books, posters—I was obsessed. 
Lauren Sherman, Executive Digital Editor, Lucky
The best thing I've ever received was this fox head fob. My husband bought it for me on a whim last Christmas, because he knows I love foxes. Unfortunately, it's pretty big, and I ended up returning it because I was worried I wouldn't wear it enough! (Usually my husband and I have a $50 gift limit, so I would've felt guilty every day I didn't wear it.) Someone else with buckets of money should buy it, though! It's so great! I still feel sad when we go to the store and it's there. 
Our Fashion Editor Friends Answer: What Was Your Best-Ever Holiday Gift?
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Nikki Ogunnaike, Online Style Editor, Glamour
The best holiday present I've ever received is a trip to Nigeria. It was my first time there and it was such an eye opening, life changing trip. I'll never forget it.
Yale Breslin, Contributing Editor, Jay-Z's Life and Times, T Magazine, GQ.com
My friend Lindsey, before she moved to Miami, gave me my favorite present—a Henry Allen gold piggy bank. Look at that thing, it's perfect!

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Lindsay Schallon, Associate Editor, StyleBistro
The year was 1996, and I was in the prime of my '90s pop band obsession—I mean, who wasn't? So I was absolutely beside myself when my dad gave me my very own portable Discman AND the first Backstreet Boys album. I specifically remember playing "Get Down (You're The One For Me)" on repeat for days. Also, a noteworthy gift that year—Spice World on VHS. Which came with two Spice Girls posters. And, oh yes, I hung them on my wall.

Our Fashion Editor Friends Answer: What Was Your Best-Ever Holiday Gift?


John Jannuzzi, Style Collective Editor, Lucky  
N64, hands down. 

Izzy Grinspan, Editor, Racked NY 
One Hanukkah when I was in high school, my uncle and his partner got me The Art of Makeup by Kevyn Aucoin. I don't have any sisters, and my mom's been wearing the same shade of Clinique lipstick since the year 1978, so this book was a mindblower for me—not so much because of its beauty tips, actually, but because it introduced me to a whole new way of thinking about fashion history. It made me realize that there's a reason people look different from decade to decade, and that it's as much a part of our shared culture as music or movies. As much as anything, that gift is the reason I'm working in fashion today.

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Dominique Streeter, Associate Editor, StyleBistro
The best gift I ever got was a vintage doll from my grandma. When I was little, we used to go to doll shows and antique stores together. During one of our adventures, I fell in love with a doll from the 1950s. I went back to the store to see if it was still there and was brokenhearted to find out it had sold. Lo and behold, my grandma had gone back and bought her for me. To this day, she'll always remind me of all the great times my grandma and I have had together.

Justin Fenner, Assistant Editor, Fashionologie
Hands down the best Christmas present I've ever gotten is a 13-piece set of stainless steel cookware my dad found at JC Penney. At some point near the middle of my collegiate career I announced that I was going to drop my meal plan and start cooking for myself, so he bundled the set with a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I got frustrated with Julia Child and the gang real fast, but I still use my pots and pans almost every day.

Caitlin Petreycik, Senior Associate Editor, StyleBistro
Picking a favorite gift is so hard, but one of my most memorable was definitely the bedazzler I received circa second grade. God help any clothing of mine that wasn't covered in rhinestones or studs that year, because I was going to find it, and bedazzle the shit out of it. In middle school, I dug the bedazzler out of my parents' attic, and went to town on some pairs of flared jeans. This was Britney and Christina's heydey, when the reigning school of denim thought was, the more stuff on the pockets/hems/seams, the better. At the time, I thought my DIY jeans looked awesome. In retrospect, they did not. 

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