Rihanna's Fashion Reality TV Show is Dunzo [UPDATE]

Rihanna's Fashion Reality TV Show is Dunzo [UPDATE]
(Getty) Rihanna at a Halloween party

Rihanna's debut reality television show Styled to Rock was supposed to be her big TV break—and her foothold in the fashion industry. But after just one season, the UK Sky Living show is set to be axed.

According to reports, despite signing on to executive produce and star on Styled to Rock, Rihanna only managed to make three total appearances—over the course of the entire first season!

"Rihanna's diary was manic, and to be honest, after it struggled for viewers it was always going to be difficult to get her to agree to do another series," a source told the Daily Mail.

And even though Rihanna reached out to famous friends—including Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Cheryl Cole—to guest-star on the show in her absence, it all turned out to be a bigger palaver than the show was worth in ratings.

"Scheduling all these popstars with our filming schedule was a nightmare," the source said.

We're so disappointed to hear that Rihanna's show was canned! We were secretly holding out hope that if Styled to Rock performed well in the UK, it would eventually make its way Stateside. What do you think about the whole situation? Are you still crossing your fingers that a Rihanna reality show will debut in the USA? Tells us in the comments section, below.

UPDATE: According to an update on Vogue.co.uk, the show has been sold in the USA to the Style Network.
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