David Beckham Bought Victoria _______ For Christmas

David Beckham Bought Victoria _______ For Christmas
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Spoiler alert: If you are Victoria Beckham and/or you don't want to know what's waiting under Posh's (surely magnificent) Christmas tree, stop reading this now. If you're the nosy general public who wonders what on earth Mr. Becks is gifting his gal this year, continue on!

A bad elf An anonymous source tipped off WWD after David Beckham put a phone order in at Harrods this week. And it was for (drumroll, please...) two pairs of silk pajamas by Olivia von Halle.

David Beckham Bought Victoria _______ For Christmas
(Photo via OliviavonHalle.com) A screen shot from OliviavonHalle.com

The England-born designer launched her silk pajama line (for which prices start at $422) back in 2010 after she was inspired by Coco Chanel's lounging jammies from the 1920s.

Not that we constantly wonder about what VB wears to bed, but you would have thought someone nicknamed Posh (with, might we add, a killer bod) would sport some spicy Agent Provocateur lingerie or something to sleep in. Oh well, at least they weren't flannel pajamas... Now that would have been a real shocker.

Let's speculate, what else do you think Becks bought his wife this year? What do you think she's getting him? And what are you wishing to unwrap in a few days? Sound off in the comments, below!