Opening Today: Topshop and Topman Arrive at Nordstrom Stores

(Getty) Topshop/Topman opens in Chicago last year

Are you a fan of Topshop and Topman, but don't have a store near you? Get excited! Today, Nordstrom stores and will start selling Topshop and Topman merch. That's right—British fast fashion is coming to an all-American department store near you.

According to a news release, Topshop and Topman clothes, shoes, and accessories will be available at Nordstrom stores in Honolulu, HI; Austin, TX; Burlington, MA; Chandler, AZ; Miami, FL; Paramus, NJ; Irvine, CA; Oakbrook, IL; Atlanta, GA; King of Prussia, PA; San Francisco, CA; Costa Mesa, CA; Tukwila, WA; and San Jose, CA.

To celebrate the launch, the Nordstrom in Dadeland Mall in Miami will host a launch party this Saturday, September 15th at 6 p.m. and a Topshop and Topman-branded truck will be driving around Austin (September 28-30) and Miami (September 8-12) handing out cool Topshop stuff!

Are you excited about Topshop coming to your neck of the woods? Tell us in the comments section below.
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