Current Obsession: Sseko T-Strap Sandals

Current Obsession: Sseko T-Strap Sandals(Source: Sseko; Mojave Sandal, $75; Santorini Sandal, $75)For me, style has always served a higher purpose. As a fashion editor, I have seen how the right clothes can change a woman's outlook on herself, how discovering a sense of style can impart a sense of self and most recently, how purchasing power can equal world-changing power.

New players in the style game are finding inspiring ways for your money to help others. One such company is Sseko (pronounced "say-co"). Founded by Liz Bohannon, the company employs women in Uganda to hand make sandals. Sseko pays the women a fair wage, a portion of which the women are required to put into an account to pay for college. At the end of a nine-month working period, Sseko matches the amount in the women's bank accounts and they are able to attend university. This is a major step in a country in which less than 2 percent of women make it to college and 70 percent of women live below the poverty line. 

In addition to the company's signature silk ribbon sandals ($55–$60), Sseko has recently launched a leather T-strap sandal ($75–$90) and I'm obsessed.

Current Obsession: Sseko T-Strap Sandals(Source: Instagram/ssekodesigns)
The leather for these sandals is sourced from Uganda. The women assemble each pair and hand sew the interchangeable accents that can also be purchased through the Sseko site. That's right, these babies are like a whole sandal wardrobe in one shoe!

The base sandal is a classic T-strap shape with an adjustable buckle. You can purchase the plain sandals on their own ($70) or opt for one of the accessorized versions (I have the Mojave sandal, $75). Once you have your first pair, you can collect all six beaded accents ($20) to change the look of your shoe. Each one simply clips on to the top of the T-strap.

Current Obsession: Sseko T-Strap Sandals(Source: Sseko; Charleston Accent, $20; Arua Accent, $20; Santorini Accent, $20; Cyprus Accent, $20)With their simple, chic design, these sandals will become a go-to in your closet for years to come. Plus, you get to buy with the knowledge that your purchase is helping a Ugandan woman toward a brighter future and that's what style with purpose is all about. Get your own pair here.
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