Current Obsession: Ringly

Current Obsession: Ringly(Source: Ringly)
We live in exciting times where not only is technology making ground-breaking advancements, it's also becoming much more fashionable. The engineers have taken note and are making products that don't even appear to be a gadget. Enter Ringly ($145), launching today, which acts as a personal receptionist that talks to you via the subtle buzzes and flashes of a statement cocktail ring. Guys, this is the future.

Besides being the ultimate screening device, here are the main reasons I'm obsessed with it and why you will be too:

1) You'll be more present. Who isn't a fan of all of those Upworthy videos that go viral, showcasing how horrible it is that we as a society are forever glued to our phones? We 'like' it or 'share' it but go right back to our social-media feed. This is a way to practice what you digitally preach.

2) You can pretend to be more present. Okay, so you want to appear more present, but you really can't live without Facebook. Ringly works in this case as well. Just set Facebook notifications and politely excuse yourself to the restroom for your fix.

3) You'll be a safer driver and/or pedestrian. Waiting for an urgent work phone call or text and you are in transit? Don't keep looking down at your phone to see who it is—just program an alert for that contact and you can pull over or step aside when it beckons you. No more obsessively checking to see it's your mom. Again.

4) You'll be more professional. Set a timed reminder to alert you to move along to your next meeting without rudely checking the time.

5) You'll be more dating-efficient. On a bad date and need an ego-boost? Set your online dating service to notify you of new connections or messages. Things are looking up!

Technically you can program up to 30 different combinations using buzzes and a variety of colored flashing lights that come from the side of the ring. Writing that just made us realize yet another advantage of the magic jewelry. In a dark, noisy bar? No problem. The flashes will alert you while out on the dance floor that it's time to go home (if you want it to, of course).

Ringly is available for pre-order today, with a limited-time 25 percent off discount, and starts shipping in early fall. Bonus: The first 1,000 sold will come with a real diamond on the side!

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Current Obsession: Ringly(Source: Ringly)
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