My Favorite...Charm Bracelet

Model, dancer and children's book author Agatha Relota Luczo shares the story behind a very special charm bracelet that's all about family.

Courtesy: Agatha Relota Luczo, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

With three children and another on the way, Agatha Relota Luczo is a model, dancer and children's book author. She shares the story behind a very special charm bracelet that's all about family.

How did the bracelet come into your life? "I wear a lot of Chrome Hearts. So my husband wanted to give me a bracelet that was more personalized. We have a friend who's a jeweler, so he decided to make me a bracelet—he didn't copy Chrome Hearts but it was sort of rock 'n' roll inspired, because I like wearing a bunch of bracelets together. So he made the bracelet for me and decided that every year he'll make me a charm to give me as a present on the day we met, a little charm to add on to my bracelet as a symbol of what amazing [thing] happened that year. And it's a surprise every year."

Wow, what a wonderful gift! How many years has this been going on? "Five years."

And of course, I have to ask how you met? "Our best friends put us together."

Can you please describe the bracelet's look? "It's platinum with touches of gold in it, it's pretty heavy and it's very rock 'n' roll. I like elegant rock 'n' roll."

My Favorite...Charm Bracelet
Courtesy: Agatha Relota Luczo

So he got you the bracelet at first with one charm? What was it?
"Yes. The first charm was a heart. Symbolizing love. The next one was a pacifier for our daughter, who would fall asleep with about six pacifiers in bed with her. She'd always have to have a pacifier. The next one was a frog that's like a conductor, and that symbolizes our second child because he would always have his fingers spread out like a frog and [looked] like he's conducting an orchestra. And then the third one was for our third child, it's a planet sun with Venus crossing it because the day that my son was born, I guess it happens in not many years that Venus crosses the sun and he was born that night, and also it has a little Sicilian symbol on it for where we conceived him. And the next charm is three little monkeys, 'don't see, don't hear, don't speak,' symbolizing all three of our babies, who are the most important thing. Our lives revolve around the three of them."

That's beautiful. Do you wear it every day? "I don't wear it every day with the kids, but whenever I go out at night it's always on me. It's always a conversation piece! I always go through the whole entire story."

It's a great story! That's what I love about personalized jewelry, it can really take on the narrative of your life. "It's a great way of remembering all the important things of your life, and the most special person in your life. Some people have a locket and for me it's my charm bracelet. It's great, every single piece of jewelry you can make fashionable on you, depending on how you wear it."

Do you have any styling tips on wearing personalized or statement jewelry day to day? "I always say keep it simple. I dress pretty simple and I love adding just a touch of jewelry and a scarf. I spent a lot of time in Paris because of the modeling, and I grew to love scarves. I'm often dressed just in black with a beautiful scarf. And I have my charm bracelet on, and a great watch, and I'm set to go."

What are you going to do in, say, 20 years? How many charms can fit on it? "Not many, I guess I'm going to have to get another bracelet! And it'll be a great piece to pass on to my daughter in the future."

For sure. Does your husband always get the charms made at the same place? "Yes, it's done by this jeweler Ken Gherkins, he is located in Los Gatos, CA, and he's really a true artist. He does all of the jewels, all the engraving and details of each charm. And it's fun working with a local jeweler from town that's a great artist and having a local jeweler do your personalized jewelry."

Is this the first charm bracelet you ever had? "It's the first charm bracelet I've ever had. I love having a charm bracelet where every charm means something special to you. And it has so much meaning, if it's not on me, if I don't see it, I freak out because there's so much thought and love put into it, and I look forward to seeing my daughter wear it one day."

When you see it in your jewelry box, what thought or feeling comes to mind? "Love. And how much I love my husband and that he's just the greatest man in the whole world and how much I love our family."

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My Favorite...Charm Bracelet
Source: Agatha Relota Luczo