7 Dates to Go on with Your Dog

Since your four-legged friend is the real love of your life anyway.

7 Dates to Go on with Your Dog

As anyone with a dog will tell you, their dogs are their babies. They’re not merely pets, but family members, and because that’s case, they often want to involve them in everything they do ― even their dating life. Of course this means the person with the dog has to be dating someone who loves dogs, too, but also, as anyone with a dog will tell you, “They don’t like my dog or my dog doesn’t like them, then they’re gone.” It’s definitely a good philosophy to live by.

So since you and your dog are inseparable and that’s just the way it is, here are seven dates that you can go on with your dog… and that person you’re dating, you know, if that they don’t mind being the third wheel.

  • 1

    Go for a drive in the country.

    Not only is getting out the city always a great idea, but I know, at least for my dog, “Wanna go bye-bye in the car?” is literally the greatest sentence in the world. It’s a nice change of pace and your dog will really love getting the wind blown in his hair while being bombarded in the face with bugs. It really is a win-win for everyone, especially when you stumble upon an antique store and score a vintage dog toy. Ah, they just don’t make squeaky toys like they used to.

  • 2

    Take a hike.

    7 Dates to Go on with Your Dog

    When the weather is great, there’s nothing better than a hike. Even if you don’t consider yourself a very outdoorsy person, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a really easy trail that’s basically just a walk in the forest. You and your date get to talk and enjoy the scenery, while your dog races around wildly thinking that this is the greatest date all three of you have been on in a long time, because squirrels, obviously.

  • 3

    Go to the park to play some catch.

    Because dogs want to constantly be called “good,” there’s no place quite like a park to play catch, and let them be told they’re good over and over again as they race back to you with the ball. Besides, everyone, no matter their age, loves a good game of catch, even your date.

  • 4

    Hit up an outdoor café.

    While regulations differ from establishment to establishment, sometimes you can find a place where you, your dog, and your date can be seated at an outdoor table. Some places even provide water and treats for your pup. The really awesome places even have special doggy menus. So you and your date get to enjoy some wine and cheese, with your true love is right at your feet, not missing out on the action.

  • 5

    Go for a picnic.

    7 Dates to Go on with Your Dog

    If you can’t find a café that caters to all three of you, then pack your own wine and cheese and head for a place where you can have a picnic. Picnics aren’t just romantic for you and your date, but your dog won’t feel like a second-class citizen because he’s regulated to the ground all alone. With a picnic, you’re all on the same level.

  • 6

    Rent a canoe.

    As long as you put your furry BFF in a life jacket because you never know when he’s going to jump ship at the first sign of a bird or turtle, a canoe makes for a great date. Bring along some snacks and music, and you can make a day of just floating around in the sea or on a lake.

  • 7

    Go for a swim.

    7 Dates to Go on with Your Dog

    Although not all beaches are dog friendly, once you find one that is, you’re golden. Going to the beach isn’t just an awesome date (beer in the sun!), but a place where your dog can roam and splash around in the water. It’s definitely a great option for a hot day. Sometimes air conditioning just doesn’t cut it.

(Images via Instagram: Tink and Meek, Henry and Penny, Kellklee3)