Look Forward To Mealtime With Green Chef
Think you've already tried all the meal prep boxes? Think again. Green Chef uses organic ingredients and takes some of the work out for you by chopping and preparing sauces, so you'll have your own personal sous chef. 

I tested a box and was happy to find I could easily follow the directions and complete the meals in the time allotted on the recipe cards, something I didn't find to be true with some of the other boxes I've ordered. I also loved that the ingredients were flawless, nothing had spoiled, and everything was fresh.

Moreover, I appreciated the allergen notes and was so excited to be able to pick between gluten-free, paleo, and keto, as my family has dietary restrictions, (like pretty much everyone these days). Everything was delicious and much more high-quality than something I'd cook without help.

I also liked that I was able to adjust the recipes to make half of the portions less flavorful for my kids, a definite plus. And, speaking of portions, servings for two were more like three, (or four if your kids are small).

In sum, we felt like we were eating at a nice restaurant for a discount of the price, and all of this was from the comfort of our home, which is ideal when dining with two kids under five.