Keep Your Kids Dressed In Style With KIDBOX
When you only have limited free time to spend with your children, it can feel like a waste to visit the mall. After all, you'll be lucky to get everything you need in one visit and it's easy to see an entire Saturday fly out the window.

Enter KIDBOX. They'll send you five seasonal boxes per year filled with stylish clothes for your kids. When you order, you fill out a profile to help guide their selections and voila, you'll have adorable items delivered to your doorstep. Keep everything and get a discount, or send back anything you don't want for free. No shopping trip, just happy kids. 

We were lucky enough to try KIDBOX in our home recently, and my daughter was so excited to receive a package of clothes (and goodies!) for herself. To my surprise, her favorite pieces were ones I never would've bought on my own. It was so fun to see her enjoy the box and claim her style for herself. And, best of all, KIDBOX favors responsible labels and donates clothing to children in need with your purchase.