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You'll Want To Try These Genius Makeup Tools

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Even though makeup is fun to apply and soothing to play with, that doesn't mean we don't like a good shortcut every now and then. There are all sorts of eye-twitching mishaps that happen when you try to put on your face in the morning. The hair straightener cord knocks over your cosmetics bag, you accidentally get mascara on your eyelids, your red lipstick bleeds out a little, or you need to switch shadow colors but own only one brush. It's a day in the life, and these struggles are common. 

But luckily for us, the beauty industry knows just where these frustrations are rooted and has created a bevy of genius makeup tools that will make your routine easier. From literal erasers that will wipe away your makeup mistakes like magic, to dry shampoos for your makeup brushes that will take away product, and tiny spatulas that will help you reach the last of your concealer, they're all game changers. You didn't know you needed these quirky inventions in your life, but now you won't be able to go on until you get them. Click ahead to see what's on the market, and prepare to have a much more stress-free makeup experience.