8 Ways to Wake up Happier

Here are a few hacks to get out of the morning grump slump.

8 Ways to Wake up Happier

Are you a grump in the morning? You know the kind: Unless you have your morning coffee and a hot shower, you aren’t good to anyone before noon.

It’s a repetitive cycle. You’re just not a morning person, and that’s how it is.

No matter how you handle mornings, most people wish they could sleep in longer. But what if you could wake up happier, even if you can't get those extra zzz's? The truth is that you need to detox before a stressful day even begins, and here are a few hacks to get out of the morning grump slump:

1. Give yourself ten minutes of YOU time in the morning.

You're allowed lie in bed like a zombie. Stand up and stretch those achy muscles. Claim ten minutes for yourself in a different way each and every day.

2. Delay or ditch coffee.

8 Ways to Wake up Happier

Instead, drink a tall glass of water with lemon. At least do yourself a favor and drink some water before you go straight for the coffee. Coffee is a bitter and kicks your digestive system into gear, in ways you probably don’t want in the morning. It also has a tendency to dehydrate the body if you don’t drink enough H20.

Your best bet for a morning beverage routine: Try water close to room temperature, with a squeeze of lemon, to nourish your body and wake you up. It’s weight-loss friendly and is a good source of Vitamin C too. Your digestive system will ease into gear and your body will be properly hydrated for the day.

3. Put positivity and perspective into place.

If you're like most of us, you start your mornings off dreading a long day at work, even if you love your job. It's even worse if you're miserable at work. But remember: you're doing the best you can.

So start your day by giving yourself more credit and congratulations and make the best of your situation. And try to associate your workplace with positivity and all that it provides, financially and otherwise. Having a positive perspective is important to starting your day.

4. Cook for yourself and enjoy your meal in a green space.

8 Ways to Wake up Happier

Pick a day and make a few small breakfast items for the week. Get crazy — plan ahead! Or if that's too much, just toast slices of bread and include your favorite fancy cheese for a morning treat. Add an apple. Eat your simple and delicious meal on the porch in view of the garden or simply by a well-lit window if your view isn't quite that spectacular. 

Making yourself a grandiose breakfast at least one day a week will help your mood and overall health — and you deserve even the smallest amount of relaxation too.

5. Read when you wake up.

Instead of reading a chapter of your book before bed, get up and dive into a book. This will help your eyes adjust to the light and ease your mind from dreams into daytime.

6. Get your day started with yoga.

Remember how you were once able to touch your toes? Know how doctors are always stressing the importance of flexibility? It is time to touch your toes, and shock your doctor with how flexible you are. It’s nothing like a good stretch when you wake up. A few asanas are the perfect addition to your morning routine.

7. Run away, literally.

8 Ways to Wake up Happier

At some point, everyone wants to run away from the day before it even begins. So, throw on your exercise clothes, you know those “I don’t care what I look like” ones. Heck, work out in your PJs. Just get up and run!

Get serious about morning exercise —sure— but be silly, too. Everyone looks weird when they run. Own it. Run in strange ways. Skip. Hop. Be a kid.

8. Write morning pages.

Author Julia Cameron suggests writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness each morning. This means get that pen to paper or keystroke to computer screen with uninhibited, free thought. Whatever comes to your mind, write it. You’ll be surprised how quickly three pages fills up.

In this space of letting things be, there's no right or wrong to what is being written. Freely writing your thoughts down will also bring attention to things that you may have been keeping pent up.

Bottom line: make space and time for activities that nourish your mind, body and soul. Happiness is simple, but choosing it each day isn't so easy. When your days are filled with obligations, your mornings are also filled with the dread of those things that you “have” to do. Boost the morning slump with what makes you feel alive and at your best.