Do You Know When It's Time to Toss Your Workout Gear?

Find out when your sports bras and yoga mats need to be replaced.

Do You Know When It's Time to Toss Your Workout Gear?

Is your yoga mat peeling? Have you been wearing the same pair of running shoes to the gym for the last year? Then it sounds like you should do some serious purging of your workout gear. Fitness apparel and accessories don't last forever and when you keep these items too long, you run the risk of smelling (at best) and seriously hurting yourself (at worst).

We enlisted the help of Astrid Swan, an LA-based trainer with the CosmoBody team, to help us know when to dump sports bras, swimsuits, resistance bands, and more.

Here's what she had to say:

Running Shoes

Running shoes definitely have an expiration date! For most active people, I would recommend changing out your shoes every 3 months which is about 300-500 miles.  The second you start feeling joint pain, whether it be an ankle or a knee, check your shoes — it is probably time!  

Do You Know When It's Time to Toss Your Workout Gear?

Sports Bras

Sports  bras can have a long shelf life if you wash on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry…. but if you are like me and you are constantly sweating & washing on the go, most likely, you will notice that the elastic around the chest gets stretched out, or the zipper closure in front is feeling not as secure. I once had a client who did a chest fly and her zipper sports bra popped right open! That workout turned out to be more of an ab burner as we could not stop laughing!

Other Workout Clothes

Any workout clothes that start to smell like a wet towel or wet dog the second a drip of moisture touches it…. TOSS IT! Or you can take the time to boil them, it is the only thing that will kill that smell! Not many of us want to spend time boiling our clothes, so get to your favorite store and get yourself a new gym outfit or two. You know how a new outfit inspires you to take it up a notch at the gym.

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Yoga Mat

If your mat is peeling and leaving bits of mat all over, it is time to get a new one!  Also, if you are sliding on it while trying to nail Warrior 2. With the sweat from your body and often the heat of the yoga studio, a mat has a limit.

Do You Know When It's Time to Toss Your Workout Gear?


Just like a sports bra, once your bathing suit stops holding it’s shape, your shape won’t be loving exiting the pool!  With sunscreen and chlorine, swimsuits will need to be updated. Taking proper care will help. Rinse in cool water after every dip and letting it lay flat to dry will give it longer life.

Resistance Bands

Always check your resistance band before doing exercises with it. The rubber tubing after being used many times can stretch out and eventually will rip. A small rip isn’t noticeable until it is too late and you end up snapping yourself! We want you to look good and toned not bruised and hurt.

Also check the handles, if the handles get a crack then, reinvest. Resistance bands are my favorite piece of equipment to train with and always travel with me for anytime workouts.

For great workout videos and fitness advice from Astrid and CosmoBody's other trainers, head over to CosmoBody.

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