8 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Resolutions Toward The End Of January Instead Of Now

If you've already started eating carbs again, don't worry — you still have time to set your real 2016 goals.

If you’re someone who makes resolutions during the days leading up to the new year or within the first few days of January, then it’s time to break that tradition and throw your whole resolution thing for a loop. With 365 days in a year to resolve to make changes in your life, why must we feel we should limit those resolutions to the first day?

I guess with the new year it seems like the ideal time to do it so you can get the new year started on a new and positive note, but let’s try something a bit different this year, shall we? This year, if you’re into making resolutions, hold off a couple weeks and make them in mid to late January. Seem silly? It’s not. Here’s eight reasons why you should make those resolutions a couple weeks from now instead.

1. It takes the pressure off the whole New Year’s resolution thing.

With a new year to tackle and the hope to make it better than the last year, you already have a lot on your plate. In adding a bunch of specific new year’s resolutions to that, it’s just extra pressure that you probably don’t need. If you hold out on making resolutions, then you can sail into 2016 without obsessing about all the changes you must make and must make stat.  

8 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Resolutions Toward The End Of January Instead Of Now

2. January is a stressful enough month as it is.

January is tough in a lot of ways. Most of us are just starting to make a dent on all the credit charges we made over the holidays and tax paperwork starts rolling in – even if it’s just going to sit on your desk until April 15th. Trying to make big changes among all that nonsense is just more of a headache than it’s worth.

3. You’ll be a rebel in your on way.

Why be like everyone else who jumps into the whole resolutions thing at one midnight past midnight on 2016? Do your own thing and hold out for a bit.

4. You’ll have a better chance at following through.

8 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Resolutions Toward The End Of January Instead Of Now

If 30 percent of New Year’s resolution are broken within the first month of 2016, waiting until mid to late January to make your resolutions will not only help you from being a statistic, but might even inspire you to work harder at keeping them. Especially if you look around and everyone you know has already broken their resolutions.

5. You’ll have a better idea of how your 2016 is going a few weeks into the year.

I firmly believe that you need to step into a situation, in other words, into a new year, look around and see how things are going before you can accurately make the right decisions for your future. Also, a month or so into the year will give you a greater perspective of what’s important and what you need to tackle.

6. Breaking news: Every day can be a day to star anew.

Sure, January 1st is a great day to start something new, but so is the first day of every month, the first day of every week, or even the first day after your next birthday. It doesn’t have to be January 1st. 

7. We shouldn’t have to make resolutions to “better” ourselves.

You may not be perfect, because who is? But you shouldn’t have to rely on a new year to make resolutions to better yourself. Bettering yourself, if that’s what what you want to do, should be a work in progress for everyone, every day.

8. You may realize that you don’t have much to change.

8 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Resolutions Toward The End Of January Instead Of Now

When a year comes to an end, even if it’s a been a great one, it’s easy to think about all the things you could have done differently. But then when you roll into the new year, you might realize you’re doing A-OK, so maybe you don’t even new to make any resolutions at all.