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Inflammation is very a natural bodily response to injury or infection. The same way your ankle swells, so do other parts of your body when placed under stress. While in limited doses it's perfectly normal, chronic inflammation is where the problems begin to occur. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a variety of ailments and diseases, from bloating and acne to arthritis and even cancer. While inflammation can be caused by a variety of factors (environment, stress, amount of sleep), diet also plays a significant role. 

If you properly nourish your body, you increase your body's overall heath. There are certain foods that may cause inflammation (trans fats, excessive sugar, alcohol, refined carbs), and there are certain foods that help fight against it. Incorporating these foods into your diet is a great way to fight inflammation and improve your health.

According to Well + Good, inflammation-fighting foods are predicted to be a health trend for many years to come — so it's time to educate yourself and start eating right.

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