5 Things Every Girl Must Pack When Traveling Abroad

...based on my own (and other's) failure to pack these travel essentials.

I recently traveled to Paris and while it was an incredibly gorgeous city and an overall amazing trip, my packing list was missing a few essentials which would have changed my overall experience for the better.

1. Passport

5 Things Every Girl Must Pack When Traveling Abroad

While this may seem pretty obvious, you would be shocked at how many people end up at the airport without their passport - and you won't get very far without it. Because your passport is not something you tend to pack when traveling (unless you're a total jet-setter), you should leave yourself a note on the door or pack it first to ensure you don't leave your home without it. 

2. Comfortable shoes

5 Things Every Girl Must Pack When Traveling Abroad

When I was packing for Paris, my biggest concern was appropriate shoes. I thought "Paris is super chic so I likely will not be wearing any flats on the trip" and looking back, I truly regret this decision. I packed 6 pairs of shoes, all with some sort of high heel - boots, booties, stilettos, wedges, you name it, I packed it. And after day 2 of trekking around a city I've never been to, in heels, my feet were literally not having it. On day 3 I had a problem, I had nothing appropriate for this level of pain and it was only going to get worse as the week went on. Lesson learned: No matter how chic a culture, you must be prepared for being a tourist, not a local. 

3. Purse / bag with a functioning zipper

5 Things Every Girl Must Pack When Traveling Abroad

Especially when traveling abroad, you want to make absolutely sure your wallet and passport remain safely in your possession. One of my co-workers was pick-pocketed and while this girl was a total badass and chased the guys down and recovered her wallet, she knew she was wrong for leaving her purse unzipped and wide open. You most likely will not be as lucky - or ballsy - as she was, so don't even pack a purse or handbag or backpack or manpurse for a trip abroad if it does not have a fully functioning zipper. You've been warned.

4. Facial wipes

5 Things Every Girl Must Pack When Traveling Abroad

Trust me, at the end of a 10+ hour flight no one is looking their best. Most people are a straight up hot mess, so do yourself a favor and plan ahead. Facial wipes will do wonders for you after a long trek half way around the planet - especially those with some sort of aloe or cucumber-y freshness (I love Formula 10.0.6 Keep Me Clean Purifying Facial Wipes with cucumber and witch hazel). I like to keep a stash of individually wrapped wipes in my purse while out traversing the city too, it really helps keep the dirt and oil at bay when washing your face just isn't a realistic option.

5. Unforeseen weather-appropriate accessories:

5 Things Every Girl Must Pack When Traveling Abroad

When packing for a trip out of the country, it is always best to be prepared for all weather situations to ensure you're not unpleasantly surprised by Mother Nature. This means meteorologists cannot always tell what the weather is going to do 10 days ahead of time, so plan accordingly. Take an extra minute to pack a scarf or gloves if you're traveling in the winter and possibly a travel umbrella or a rain-resistant jacket in the summer (or winter in Europe) - even if the weather report doesn't require such accessories. There is nothing is worse than trying to explore a city in the rain or snow without appropriate clothes/shoes.

Make sure to pack these 5 travel essentials and you're well on your way to a successful adventure abroad. Au Revoir! 

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