10+ Gifts Your Mom Won’t Have To Lie About Loving

Gift your mom with something that doesn't need a gift receipt!

I once dated a guy who considered going home for the holidays on his parents' dime a worthy gift for his mom. This kind of gift-giving stops being acceptable after your early 20s, though he did it well into his 30s. Year after year, moms have to smile through the disappointment of receiving "gifts" like dishtowels, potpourri, perfume they haven't worn since the '90s, or nothing but the pleasure of their children's company for birthdays, holidays, and Mother's Day.

While the aforementioned gift gaffes may have been overlooked when you were in high school and college, now that you're grown and earning your own money it's time to select one of these gifts that your mom won't have to lie about loving. Let's be honest, nothing can top the gift your mom gave you — life. However, there are still plenty of gift options for mom that guarantee you'll receive a genuine smile when she opens them instead of the fake grin with too much teeth she reserves for people she doesn't like.

Not sure how to tell the difference? Gifts for mom guaranteed to generate fake smiles include things like toilet plungers, lint rollers, handmade IOUs, and anything that's re-gifted (yes, these are all actual things moms have received as gifts). You're better than that, and getting your mom a gift she won't have to lie about loving is easier than you think.

So, just what is on your mom's gift list this year? Think about what your mom likes. If you've never seen her sport a beanie, your getting her one as a gift isn't going to change that. However, if she likes to spend every free moment cuddled up with a good book, there are plenty of gifts for book lovers, including books (obviously), gift cards, and subscription boxes.

The secret to choosing a gift your mom won't have to lie about loving is knowing your mom. Start with what your mom is already into and work from there. Need a little inspo? Select one of these gifts your mom is guaranteed to adore.

1. For Self-Care: Little Barn Apothecary Coffee + Mint Exfoliating Body Scrub

Body scrubs are almost always a safe bet when considering what to get any woman, including when selecting a gift for your mom. While not everyone is into baths, everyone showers, and everyone strives for smooth skin. That being said, not just any body scrub will do. Choose scrubs that are made with all-natural ingredients versus perfumed body washes and scrubs from bath stores at the mall. I am a big fan of all-natch exfoliating body scrubs, and I gave one to my mom as a gift for Mother's Day.

This Little Barn Apothecary Coffee + Mint Exfoliating Body Scrub is made with all of the good stuff, including virgin organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, organic pure cane sugar, Japanese mint oil, and coffee. In this case, the coffee does double duty. Not only does it offer a wonderful wake-up scent, coffee is an antioxidant and, according to Verywell Health, coffee grounds can boost collagen production to make your mom's skin radiant. You can get all of this for your mom for $30. Hey, while you're at it, grab one for yourself too.

 2. The Gift that Keeps Giving: BirchBox

Full disclosure, I'm not a mom. However, I do have a mom, and my mom once gifted me with a subscription to BirchBox, which sends a monthly box of the latest samples specific to your gift recipient's hair, skin, and style needs. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received. The first box your mom will get is full of customer favorites. Once your mom opens her gift, she can go onto the BirchBox website and create her own personal profile. After that, your mom will receive a monthly gift tailored to her preferences. 

You can gift your mom with a three-month subscription for $30, a six-month subscription for $60, and a full year of BirchBox for $110. This is a gift your mom is guaranteed to love. Even if she's not into makeup, there are plenty of personal care products to choose from. And the best part is that it's like giving her a gift every month, which is a surefire way to beat out your siblings for the coveted role of favorite child.

3. For Book Lovers: Literary Tote Bag

If your mom spends all of her free time with her nose in a good book, then this handmade literary tote bag silkscreened with passages and vintage flair from classic texts is the perfect gift. Every mom needs a tote to carry around her favorite books, snacks for the grandkids, or to do her part to save the planet by using a recyclable bag while shopping for groceries. 

"[These totes will] inspire you to cheer on the heroines of Little Women, savor the romance of Sense and Sensibility, or take a tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland," the description details. "Every panel of the 100 percent cotton denim bags — custom cut and sewn for the design — is a page that will take you back to the magic of these beloved books." If your mom likes to wear her words versus carry them, the artist who creates these beloved bags also has a line of literary scarves. Gift mom a scarf for $48, or a tote for $34.

4. For Moms Who are Always Cold: Yaasa Infinity Blanket

If you want to get your mom a gift she'll love that's also practical, the Infinity Blanket from Yaasa is not only beautiful and cozy, it can also help increase blood flow, aid in recovery, and enhance rest. Yaasa touts that its Infinity Blanket absorbs and recycles your body's natural energy, uses Celliant fiber technology to enhance energy levels and aid in recovery after activity, promotes restful sleep by regulating body temperature, and uses infrared fibers to to expand blood vessels and enhance vitality and circulation.

According to Yaasa, "Celliant is a revolutionary, FDA determined, patented technology that recycles the body's natural heat energy into infrared light, that is then emitted back into the body's tissue." Basically, it's a magic blanket that your mom is sure to love. I have a Yaasa blanket, and it's my new must-have bedtime blanket. You can get your mom a throw blanket, starting at $184, or a travel version starting at $119. 

5. For Every Mom: Our Family Tree Frame

Moms love family photos, but just snapping a family picture and putting it in any old frame is pretty boring. That doesn't mean your mom won't appreciate the thought, but if you want to give your mom a gift she'll truly cherish, the Our Family Tree Frame from Personal Creations is an artful way to jazz up and old favorite. The best part is that you can personalize the family tree, and include the year your family began.

Get the tissues ready when your mom opens this gift because there's a 100-percent chance of tears. This family tree photo frame starts at $29.99. All you need to do is personalize it, print the photo of your family, and pop it in. Your mom will adore this gift, and she's sure to place it in a prominent place so she can tell visitors how thoughtful her favorite child is every time someone inquires about her beautiful family tree. 

6. For Family Minded Moms: TwinkleBright LED Hearts Family Tree Canvas

Speaking of family trees, if you really want to wow your mom with a gift she'll never forget, get her a personalized family tree that twinkles, literally. The TwinkleBright LED Hearts Family Tree Canvas from Personal Creations uses LED technology to light up the room, and it's a gift your mom is guaranteed to love. If you've been meaning to do your family tree anyway, this is the perfect opportunity, and at just $74.99, it's also super affordable. 

If you're not quite ready to dive into your family history, TwinkleBright has a whole collection of LED art that you can customize to fit your needs and mom's taste. From holiday ornaments to rustic and distressed wall art to beautiful canvas creations, your mom will forever cherish a TwinkleBright gift.

7. For Outdoorsy Moms: Birch Votive Candleholder

Is your mom the kind of woman who loves all things natural? If your mom likes to bring the outside in, these Birch Votive Candholders from Cost Plus World Market are the perfect gift for any occasion. Made with authentic birch, these candleholders are one of a kind because no two pieces of birch are alike, just like no two moms are alike. Show your mom that you see her as an individual and not just as your mother.

Starting at $19.99, the Birch Votive Candleholders come in three sizes, which means you can get just one, or grab all three sizes as a gift for your mom. You can also choose from other reclaimed wood candleholder options to give mom a gift that's guaranteed to light up her life while also appealing to her unique style. 

8. To Keep Mom Safe: Arc Personal Security System by Katana

Does your mom live her life according to Oprah? If the answer is yes then you can't go wrong with a gift from Oprah's Favorite Things list on Amazon, like the Arc Personal Security System by Katana, $70. "It’s a panic button, it’s a GPS tracker, it’s a line to local law enforcement — it’s the Katana Arc, a security system that attaches to your phone and can help fend off danger if, God forbid, you ever find yourself in a scary situation," Oprah explains on Amazon.

Give your mom the gift of safety and peace of mind, or choose another one of Oprah's Favorite Things. When your mom tears open her gift, be sure to let her know that it's not only Oprah approved, but hand selected by the queen herself. Hey, if it's good enough for Oprah, it's more than perfect for your mom. 

9. For Socially Conscious Moms: Empowered by Maya J Bracelets 

Another gem from Oprah's Favorite Things list is the Empowered by Maya J bracelet collection. "The words you see are the ones I want my girls at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy to use to describe themselves," Oprah says on Amazon. Give your mom the gift of empowerment for just $38. These beautiful bracelets come in white or yellow brass and are gift-ready in a black velvet pouch.

Choose from words like grateful, inspired, fearless, empowered and brave, or grab a mix of several. What's more, this gift for mom also gives back, which means you can feel good about both buying it and giving it. Empowered by Maya J bracelets teamed up with a local public high school organization called Yonkers Partners in Education to offer mentoring and internship opportunities, which means your mom's bracelet is not only looking beautiful, it's doing good too. 

10. For Moms Who Love Form & Function: Smartphone Valet & Planter

If your mom subscribes to the philosophy a place for everything and everything in its place, then this Smartphone Valet & Planter by Heather and Myles Geyman's on UncommonGoods will be her new favorite thing. "Besides holding your phone upright while it charges (the cord fits through an opening near the bottom), it provides a home for a medium-sized succulent plant, pens and pencils, keys, thumb drives, and other office odds and ends— even some cut flowers, if you like," UncommonGoods describes. 

Your mom will appreciate a gift that's not only a problem solver (it hides unsightly cords), she'll love the clean design of the planter and the simplicity of having succulents accent the room (they hardly ever need to be watered). Grab this gift for $60. If your mom is more of a fresh cut flowers kind of person, the companion piece to this item is the Bedside Smartphone Vase for $32, which acts as — you guessed it — a vase and a bedside phone docking station, which also makes a great gift for mom.

11. For All Moms: What I Love About Mom By Me Book

Someone once gave me one of these books as a gift (they're available for different recipients), and I absolutely loved it. This $10 gift won't break the bank, and what it will bring your mom in terms of joy is priceless. In fact, don't be surprised if it immediately moves to the top of your mom's favorite gifts list because this book is personalized by you. Simply enter in all of your favorite memories of mom to create a unique and meaningful gift that she'll treasure forever. What's more, if you're far away, your mom can simply reach for her book by you and keep you close. Ah, stop it! I'm not crying, you're crying. OK, I'm crying too, and I'm buying one of these for my mom right now.

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