Flat Gray Nail Polish

Flat Gray Nail Polish Ashley Greene with flat gray nail polish.
Of late, we've been spotting more and more celebrities with flat gray nail polish.  Neutral shades have been trending for a while now, especially with light blue nail varnishes and flat grays. 

Browse through a few of the pictures below to see how Hollywood's leading ladies are wearing flat gray nail polish this season.  Enjoy!

Lauren Conrad with Gray Nails:
Lauren Conrad Beauty
Lauren also keeps up on the latest nail trends. She wore gray nail polish at the CoverGirl anniversary party.

AnnaLynne McCord with Neutral Gray Nail Varnish:
AnnaLynne McCord Beauty
AnnaLynne McCord showed off muddy gray nails at the People's Choice Awards.

Mena Suvari With Dark Gray Nail Polish:
Mena Suvari Beauty
Mena Suvari added a little edge to her look with a navy blue polish.

Khloe Kardashian with Gray Nail Polish:
Khloe Kardashian Beauty
While visiting the TV show Extra, Khloe Kardashian showed off her mushroom colored nail polish.

A bit about the history of nail polish:

Nail polish as we know it today wasn't officially created until around 1920 after the invention of paint for automobiles. Yes, nail polish was based off of car paint! Michelle Ménard, working for Revson aka Revlon, is the person credited with the modern interpretation of nail polish. The first bottle was sold under the Revlon name in 1932. In the 1920s and 1930s, the manicure that had all the girls doing the Charleston was the Gatsby, aka a moon manicure. Polish was applied to the nail except to the moon area. The French manicure that looks so classic wasn't actually officially produced until 1978, although Max Factor developed an early version called Society Nail Tint and Society Nail White in 1927. In the 1940s, red oval nails were brought into popularity by Rita Hayworth, a pin-up girl.

More celebrity nails:

Dania Ramirez Neutral Nail Polish
Fergie Neutral Nail Polish
Eva Mendes Neutral Nail Polish
Blake Lively Neutral Nail Polish
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