New Hair Color 2011

By Alicia Dennis on
Looking for a brand new hair color for 2011? Whether you're thinking of darkening down or lightening up, consider taking a cue from any of these well-tressed stars. This year, we're anticipating a lot of shocking reds (a la Rihanna) and blackest blacks, with plenty of natural-looking highlights thrown in for good measure.Read Full Story

Hair Color Ideas

By Sasha on
Celebrities have hair in every color of the rainbow. From blonde to black and everything in between—pink, green and red included! Before your next dye job, check out all the celebrity hair color ideas inspiration on StyleBistro! BlondCarey Mulligan's blond crop may have been the result of a dye disaster, but the unique look has caught the eye of many a fashionphile. Go to a salon for something this major, you don't want to hurt yourself with hair bleach!BrownMinka Kelly's sun-kissed brown...Read Full Story

Cute Blonde Hairstyles- 2010

By Dominique Streeter on
Is it just us, or was 2010 a great year for cute blonde hairstyles? Taylor Swift rocked her signature ringlets -which she momentarily ditched for sleek tresses and blunt bangs. We can't forget Reese Witherspoon's buttery shade of blonde, which looked stylish as ever. Blake Lively's gorgeous waves took major notice, although she occasionally wore them in sophisticated updos. We also have to give credit to country crooner Carrie Underwood for sporting some seriously soft platinum waves. 2010...Read Full Story