Learn How to Finally Master a Crown Braid, Just in Time for Summer

Learn How to Finally Master a Crown Braid, Just in Time for Summer(Source: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images North America)With Memorial Day kicking off our love affair with summer, we're ready to dive head first into warm weather and all the summertime beauty it entails. The first to-do on our summer beauty checklist is to master a stylish and refreshing braid à la Sarah Hyland. Our plait of choice: the classic crown braid. To finally nail this look, we turned to DreamDry senior stylist Bricel Cury to break down the look into manageable steps.

According to Cury, this style will work on both freshly washed hair for a more polished finish as well as dirty strands for a more undone look. For first-time braiders, it might be best to start with with clean, dry, detangled hair to ensure the hairline is smooth.

Step 1) Tilt head forward to evenly distribute all of the hair around the head. 

Step 2) Begin behind either ear and separate a small section of hair by splitting it into three strands and begin a horizontal braid. Incorporate new hair neatly and evenly into the new stitch as you go around the head. Tip: Cury uses Oribe Smooth Style Serum ($49) on his fingertips for a better grip, hold and shine when braiding.

Step 3) Continue to add hair to the three sections as you braid all the way around your head. Once the braid has wrapped completely around, create a three-strand braid with the length of the hair and braid all the way to the end. Secure the ends with a small elastic band.

Step 4) To finish off the look, pin the tail of the braid on the top of the braid you just formed. Using hair spray, tuck away any flyaways.

Learn How to Finally Master a Crown Braid, Just in Time for Summer(Source: DreamDry)To add texture and make the braid seem more effortless, loosen it up by carefully pinching the braid on both sides. This allows for the braid to open up, creating a more undone look, according to Cury.

Now that we can cross mastering a crown braid off our summer beauty list, we might just be brave enough to tackle self tanner.
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