Never Have a Bad Hair Day With this Faux Blowout DIY

Trust us, your hair will thank you.

Fake a Blowout
(Source: Dana Burke/StyleBistro)

Next time you find yourself looking in the mirror and you see a bad hair day staring back, don't panic. A beautiful, faux blowout is just a curling iron, blowdryer and hairspray spritz away. To teach us the five-minute secret to creating a salon-ready blowout without actually blowing out your hair, Edward Tricomi of New York City's Warren Tricomi salon walked us through these DIY steps.

Fake a Blowout
(Source: Dana Burke/StyleBistro; art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Step 1) Take dry hair and place in a high ponytail on top of the head.

Step 2) Section the ponytail into one- to two-inch sections. (There will be about four of these depending on your hair's thickness.) Take the first section and wrap hair around the curling iron.

Step 3) Slide the hair wrapped around the iron off and pin in place. The hair should look like a loop.

Step 4) Repeat the curling and pinning process until you have all the hair sectioned and pinned.

Step 5) Spray hair with hairspray. Use the back of the blowdryer to suck out the heat from the curling iron. Continue using the blowdryer until the hair is dry.

Step 6) Release hair from the ponytail and admire your tresses!

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