How To Make Your Hairstyle Last—Even Through Sleeping

How To Make Your Hairstyle Last—Even Through Sleeping(Source: Thinkstock)There's nothing quite like getting a fresh blowout. If you've ever had one, or are insanely talented and can give yourself one, you know how you basically want to whip your hair around all day, Willow Smith style. If you've ever had this feeling, you also know the gut-wrenching fear of having a perfectly good blowout get ruined while you sleep. To get the lowdown on making a hairstyle last as long as possible, we chatted with hair expert Dana Ionato, a hair colorist at Sally Hershberger salon in NYC, to get the scoop on how to maintain and protect your 'do.

"If you want to get time and length out of blowouts, tell them at the salon," Ionato advises. "It's going to change the products they use." To get length out of a blowout, you actually use less product. In fact, too much product can cause grease and weigh down hair, according to Ionato.

For haircare at night, avoid flannel pillow cases, if possible. "Get a breathable cotton-jersey or silk pillow case, if you really want your hair to last overnight," she suggests. She also says to avoid having the temperature in your bedroom turned up too high because it can cause you to sweat, thus ruining your 'do. Finally, she says to avoid brushing your hair prior to going to bed and to try to sleep with your hair down, if you can.

"That's the best bet at keeping your hair styled," says Ionato. But she admits most people can't. So if you're one of those people who is afraid of drowning in their own hair at night (guilty as charged), Ionato broke down the exact bun you need to try to keep your style fresh all night into the next morning.

How To Make Your Hairstyle Last—Even Through Sleeping(Source: If you have fine hair:
For fine hair, you usually need to keep the volume of a blowout to get another day out of it. To maintain volume, flip hair over, grab the ends and twist them with one hand. Place twisted hair in a bun high on top of the head. Secure the bun with a loose hair tie or headband that contains no metal. Ionato suggests Goody's Ouchless Hair ties (five for $3.99), Athletique Premium Comfort Stretch Headband (three for $18) or even a scrunchie to avoid a dent. When making this bun, do not use any bobby pins to keep hair in place either, as pins can cause dents and creases. Finally, when preserving a blowout on fine hair, the looser the bun, the better. "You want to loosen up the waves, so they're not constricted," she says. "Also, in case you sweat in the night, [your hair] won't stick to your head!"

How To Make Your Hairstyle Last—Even Through Sleeping(Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America) If you have thick or coarse hair:
Thick hair has an easier time retaining volume, so the type of bun used to preserve a blowout is different, according to Ionato. For thicker hair, a low bun at the nape of the neck is preferred. She suggests first pulling hair into a low ponytail at the base of the neck. "If it's wavy, I like to split the hair down the center, take two sides and twist the bottoms," she says. "Then I wind the hair at the bottom to create a wave, so it's not straight." She suggests following the bend of the curl to best preserve the original look. Then she recommends pulling the hair into a low bun and looping it through the same hair tie you first used to create the ponytail. (Using one hair tie minimizes the likelihood of creases.)

If you got an updo or a braid:
Opted for a pretty, intricate updo instead of a blowout? You can still make it last with a few quick tips and tricks. Your best bet for keeping a braid or updo intact is to tie a silk scarf around the hair, but you must avoid putting in more bobby pins at all costs. "Anything metal can make a dent," cautions Ionato. "And that is what can make things look stale."

How To Make Your Hairstyle Last—Even Through Sleeping(Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America) If you have bangs:
Whether you have thick or thin hair, the key to handling bangs is to get them off your face. Be sure to keep the bangs out of the ponytail when forming either type of bun. Ionato suggests just letting bangs fall separately from the bun. If you must pin them back, use a no-dent bobby pin or an athletic headband (like the one mentioned above) to hold them in place. A helpful tip all the pros know: Sweep bangs against the part i.e. if you have bangs that lay to the left, brush them right and secure with a pin or headband for sleeping. "That way, when you push it back over that right way, there's no dent," explains Ionato.

How to bring back hair the next day:
To really get your hair in tip-top shape the next morning, Ionato says using hot tools is key. Taking a curling iron or blow dryer with dry shampoo to your strands can really get a blowout to bounce back into shape, while hairspray is essential to freshening up an updo. She also suggests a number of products to help revitalize any style: Oribe's Dry Texture Spray ($42) gives volume, texture, and shine; Sally Hershberger's 24K cream ($32) makes hair instantly shinier; and Davines No. 10 Universal Polishing Coat is her go-to for flyaways. Unfortunately, Davines No. 10 has been discontinued, but you can still get the same flyaway treatment with the brand's new More Inside Medium Hold Finishing Gum ($33).
How To Make Your Hairstyle Last—Even Through Sleeping
(From left to right: Davines No. 10, Oribe Dry Texture Spray, Sally Hershberger 24K; Sources: Davines, Oribe, Sally Hershberger)
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