How to Style Blake Lively's French Braided Bun

How to Style Blake Lively's French Braided Bun

Blake Lively's imaginative 'do involves french braiding hair in a round on the top of the head.

This style might take a little practice, especially since as each new piece of hair is drawn into the braid, it needs to be smoothed out to ensure the completed look is super sleek. To begin styling, brush hair out and spritz on a product like Living Proof Restyling Spray for shine and hold.

Next, make a side part and create three one-inch sections parallel to it. Start the braid by drawing up those three sections to the top of the head. You'll work in a circular pattern, drawing up new, one-inch vertical sections to add to the braid.

When you've made your way around the entire head, braid the remaining hair ends and secure with a hair elastic. Wrap the braided ends around the french braided circle and use u-shaped hair pins to keep it in place.

Finish the completed look with hairspray.
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