The Perfect (And Easiest!) Chignon For Any Occasion

The Perfect (And Easiest!) Chignon For Any Occasion
(Photo courtesy of know it's only October, but it's not too soon to be thinking about the holidays. Trust us, they'll be here before you know it. To get you ready for that first holiday party, we found the perfect 'do to try. It's super cute, super stylish, and incredibly easy to do at home. Thanks to our friends at The Beauty Department, we'll never be afraid to attempt an updo again.

1) Start with an elastic headband. Sparkly ones preferred!
2) Curl ends of hair using a medium width curling iron.
3) Apply a holding product to ends of hair to give texture and support. (Try TRESemme Tres Extra-Firm Control Mousse, $3.49,
4) Place the elastic headband one to two inches behind hairline. Pin band in place if necessary.
5) Section hair into about one inch pieces. Twist the sections back and up to create the chignon. Tuck the sections up into the headband. Secure with bobby pins if needed
6) Continue all the way around head. Tease hair if necessary.

Watch The Beauty Department's video explaining the whole process. And check out their website and YouTube page for other cool hair and makeup ideas.
(Video copyright of The Beauty Department)
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