3 Cute Ways to Wear Your Hair While Running Errands

(Photos by PacificCoastNews.com)

There must've been something in the air yesterday, because anybody who's anybody was spotted out and about, sneaking in some quality away-from-the-red-carpet time. (Read: shopping.)

While some took the time to gorgeous-up for the paparazzi (ahem, Jessica Alba) and others looked like they rolled straight out of bed, put on some pants, and hit the pavement—eek, Dakota Fanning, I love love you, but why?—I think these three ladies found that perfect middle-grown between looking cute without trying too hard.

The best part? Their looks actually don't require much effort! Let's break it down.

Obsession #1: The high twisted bun

I'll be straight up, ballet buns are my jam. Once you nail the pony-twist-pin formula, this look only takes minutes to create. A few pointers I've learned over the years? 1) Use elastics with plenty of stretch to help mold and guide your bun. 2) When in doubt, hair donut. 3) If pieces fall out, don't worry! Make it look strategic by braiding/twisting them and wrapping around the base.

Obsession #2: A loose side-braid

Sure summer is winding down, but this classic style pairs just as well with next season's cargo colors as right now's blinding brights. And just like with the bun, above, pokey-outey pieces still look cute! (A major win when all your bobby pins somehow mysteriously vanish...)

Obsession #3: A polished low bun

It's almost unreal how Dianna Agron's hair instantly pulls her look together, here. A sharp side part and sleek finish keep the entire ensemble poised and polished—it's so sophisticated for only requiring a parting comb and hairspray.

Tell us, which of these looks do you love the most? How do you usually style your hair when you're running out the door? Share your tips in the comments!