The Best Products For Beachy Hair

Here's how to get those enviable beach waves this summer — without a trip to the beach.

There's nothing like summertime to make us want to plan a trip to the beach. But even when that's not possible, you can still get your mermaid on – by pulling off a perfectly undone 'do that looks as if you've just stepped out of the ocean. Here's how to achieve flawless beach hair:

Salt sprays such as R + Co’s ROCKAWAY Salt Spray or Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion spray are our go-to products in the summer. Bonus: You can use these on either dry or wet hair. The former gives a more roughed-up, authentic feel, while the Surf Infusion spray lends texture without roughness. They're both perfect for spritzing onto your tresses in a pinch. Graduated salt sprays like Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray give hair both a sultry wave and and texturized, piece-y feel.

Summer Hair Hacks: Best Beach Hair Products

Alternately, try misting damp locks with texturizing spray like the Living Proof Instant Texture Mist (Jennifer Aniston-approved), then putting it into a loose topknot and blow-drying with a diffuser. Once you let your hair down, there you have it – gorgeous, cascading beach waves. #Mermaiding

For curlier hair, you can also try sleeping with your hair in a braid (or braids). In the morning, take out the braids, finger comb your curls to make for a more wavy look, spritz with a salt spray for added hold, and go!

Pro tip: It's always smart to run some argan or macadamia oil (try One 'N Only Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment) over your ends to moisturize those depleted suckers. If you really want to go for it, leave coconut oil in your hair for 10+ minutes before you wash it to tame any extra dryness the scorching temps may have given your strands.

Depending on the finishing touch you’re looking for, alternate between shine spray or an anti-humidity spray. Spritzing the slightest bit of shine spray, like Aveda's Brilliant Spray-On Shine, can work wonders – and will add a glossy layer to your magnificent mane, but be careful not to overuse. Simply spray onto fingers instead of directly onto hair to avoid oiliness, and run lightly over several face-framing strands to ensure the light will strike your hair in all the best places.

Opt for an anti-humidity spray if your hair has more of a tendency to frizz.   Oribe’s Impermeable Anti-Humidity spray is a favorite. You can layer it on without the too-sticky feel that comes with most hairsprays. The company is based in Miami, so they know all about the frizz-inducing effects of hot, humid weather.

Now all you need is a tan.