Hollywood's Latest Hair Obsession: Side Cornrow Braids

(Photos by Getty, PacificCoastNews.com, FameFlynet Pictures, yourlittleharmonicaishammered.tumblr.com)

When it comes to summery trends, there's beachy hair and then there's hair that belongs at the beach. But what about Hollywood's latest red-carpet hair obsession, side cornrow braids? What side of the boardwalk fence do those fall on?

We ask because, quite frankly, we're not exactly sure. On one hand, it's a sneaky way to pull off that whole Rihanna-esque side-shaved look without actually buzzing your head, so we give kudos there. But then again, it sort of brings us back to 7th grade where—before Facebook and Instagram were around, we're old, we know—cornrows and single-strand hair wraps were, like, the coolest way to show everyone you went to the Bahamas over break.

So tell us, this new wave of side cornrows, are you hoping to see more of 'em? Or are they just a couple seashells away from a hair disaster of Monica Geller proportions?

Take a closer peek at the stars who've recently embraced the hairstyle and weigh in with your thoughts in our poll!

Carmen Electra:

Jennifer Aniston:

Kristen Stewart:

Khloe Kardashian:


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