The Fall Hair Color Trend You Have to Try

Demi Lovato Red Ombre Hair(Source: FameFlynet Pictures)Ombré haircolor started out as a bit of a polarizing color treatment pioneered by celebs (I'm looking at you, Drew Barrymore!), and for a while the celebrity realm is where the trend stayed. But slowly and quietly, the style began showing up on stylish girls from LA to NYC and everywhere in between. Maybe it was Khloe Kardashian rocking gorgeously perfect ombré every Sunday on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but somehow ombré haircolor became the style to have.

Flash forward to this fall season, when clothing in rich colors is taking center stage and hair seems to be following suit. Looking for some insight into the next big thing in hair color (I'm slightly obsessed with changing up my look), I spoke with Rick Wellman, a celebrity hair colorist with more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and co-owner of the Patrick Melville Salon & Spa in New York City, to get the scoop on fall's hottest hair color trend.

"For fall you’re still going to see ombré but it’s going to be much more sophisticated and not bleached out," he says. "It’s going to have the ombré effect but you’re going to see color filled in, not bleached out."

"We’re going to see red come back like crazy. People are really wanting that rare redhead look. It's intense copper, not so much the purple reds, it's those vivid coppers like Christina Hendricks has, those will be what people are asking for. We’re going to see a lot of red ombré—I call it ombréd—it’s a deep red base, with really gold copper highlights that are two or three shades lighter. You really want the red deep and natural at the base of the hair, and vibrant—but not blonde—at the ends. Red with blonde doesn’t work, they’re two different color families, they’ll conflict and you'll look like a Calico cat.”

Sure enough, when I got home and searched for the hashtag #redombre, more than 35,000 results showed up in Instagram—it seemed the trend was already gaining traction. Hearing Wellman swoon over this new color combination planted a little seed of determination in my own hair-color–obsessed brain—I was going to need to try this ombréd thing for myself. Wellman was all for it and explained that the red can be adjusted to complement any skintone. 

I already had blonde ombré locks so I was ready for the change and oh what a change it was! 

The Fall Hair Color Trend You Have to Try(Photos by: Genevieve Garruppo and Ann Brady)When I arrived at the salon, I felt very summery and breezy with my blonde ends but leaving Wellman's chair I felt transformed—edgier, sassier. The looks from people on the street affirmed what I felt deep down: this is a statement look. Over the next week, I was asked by no less than six people on the subway and street where they could get this hair color, and I of course referred them right to Rick Wellman. I don't always go for trends, however, this is one I'm glad I took the plunge on. Hand over the pumpkin coffee and cozy sweaters, I'm ready for fall.
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