Trending for Your Strands: Rave Girl Hair

Trending for Your Strands: Rave Girl Hair(Source: ImaxTree)Have you RSVP'd to the biggest party of the season? With the rounds of Fashion Month about over, we can finally sit back and enjoy all the wild and crazy moments the fashion world gave us. And from the looks of it, it's been quite a party.

From New York to London, we spotted a major trend brewing, and it's quite the wild one—rave hair. What's rave hair you might ask? It's the messy, spiky, twisted, floppy, downright-grungy look often seen on that cool downtown girl who's surrounded by her equally cool friends, all of whom make slept-in eyeliner seem totally natural and borderline chic. 

But you don't have to master the perfect concert head bang or learn to live off four hours of sleep and adrenaline to get the rave girl look we spotted on the runways. All you have to do is embrace the grunge, learn to skip a wash—or five—and let your hair be the wild one. And if you really need some inspiration, may we present to you our top six favorite ways to rock party-girl hair.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
New York Fashion Week Spring 2015, Marc By Marc Jacobs(ImaxTree)more pics »The look at Marc by Marc Jacobs was all about being knotty. Hairstylist Guido for Redken created punk fauxhawks by knotting models' hair into tightly-wound buns and letting the ends remain spiked and untamed.

John Galliano
Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015, John Galliano(ImaxTree)more pics »For John Galliano's runway show, the look was total rocker-girl with a '70s Patti Smith shag complete with fringed bangs.

Tom Ford
London Fashion Week Spring 2015, Tom Ford(ImaxTree)more pics »Similarly, models at Tom Ford also rocked the haphazard look with choppy layers, brushed-aside bangs and enviable bedhead.

Ann Demeulemeester
Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015, Ann Demeulemeester(ImaxTree)more pics »

Although it might be the least wearable of the lot, this spiky 'do from Ann Demeulemeester is really a top knot with most of the ends left free to hang—or as we like to call it, workout hair.

Antonio Marras
Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015, Antonio Marras(ImaxTree)more pics »Similar to Marc by Marc Jacobs, this twisted look at Antonio Marras is all about combining youth and vitality with edge and a free spirit. Although we're loving these quirky knots to get the party girl vibe, sequin disks to adorn the face are also critical. 

I'M Isola Marras
Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015, I'M Isola Marras(ImaxTree)more pics »Finally, probably the easiest look to re-create is this askew ponytail with swooping bangs from I'M Isola Marras. While this wild look might not be entirely office appropriate, the good news is if you attempt it, you'll actually be able to truthfully say, "I woke up like this."

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