New Hair-Trend Dare: Pastel Strands

New Hair-Trend Dare: Pastel Strands(Source: Chloe Norgaard/Instagram)We already told you that pastels were going to be big for spring nails, but did you know the light color trend would also be big for hair, too? Although Kelly Osbourne has been rocking lilac for years now, she might have been ahead of the game when it comes to pastel hair. A number of other famous faces have joined the violet bandwagon lately. Lavender ladies now include Nicole Richie and Ireland Baldwin, too.

New Hair-Trend Dare: Pastel StrandsLeft to Right: Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, Ireland Baldiwn (Source: Jerod Harris/Getty Images North America; Digital/Bauergriffin.Com)However, Baldwin's life in the purple haze didn't last long. Just recently, the Basinger-Baldwin beauty switched to another eye-popping pastel shade. This time her color of choice was none other than aqua.

New Hair-Trend Dare: Pastel Strands(Source: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram)But the pastel hair trend doesn't stop there. Hollywood is also embracing shades of pink. A few weeks ago, Sienna Miller opted for the prettiest rose-gold color we've ever seen, while Demi Lovato stuck to bubble gum pink for her latest look. Even high-fashion is getting in on the trend. Model Chloe Norgaard, who is known for her rainbow of hair colors, strutted her stuff down the runway with pink hair.

New Hair-Trend Dare: Pastel StrandsLeft to Right: Sienna Miller, Demi Lovato, Chloe Norgaard (Sources: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Europe; Aaron P/Bauergriffin.Com; Chloe Norgaard/Instagram)If you're itching to unleash your "wild side" (although how wild can pastels be, right?), it's simple to get the colorful look at home with a jar of semi-permanent Manic Panic. Because this paste washes out, it's great for experimenting. (Summer music festivals, anyone?)

To use, wash your hair and apply a layer of conditioner over your strands as protection. Apply some Manic Panic in the desired style (ombre, full-coverage, barely-there, etc), let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the intensity desired), and rinse out.

Let us know what you think of this trend: Are you brave enough to rock pastel hair? 
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