Happening Hair Trend: Oil-Infused Hot Tools

Happening Hair Trend: Oil-Infused Hot Tools(Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)For those of you who regularly style your hair, you know two of the most essential items are your hot tool of choice and hair oil. Whether you prefer Moroccan or moringa, argan or macadamia, a good oil is imperative to keeping any rigorously-styled mane healthy and shiny. But what if there was already oil in your hot tool? A new breed of stylers are doing just that.

Oil-infused hair tools are popping up quite a bit these days. From argan oil and keratin protein ceramic straighteners to antioxidant-rich coated curlers, combining two essential hair products into one is the hair world's new bread and butter. Take a look at three of the oil-infused hot tools (at various price points!) that are out on the shelves right now.

Cricket's Ultra Smooth Styling Iron
Happening Hair Trend: Oil-Infused Hot Tools
(Source Cricket)The Ultra Smooth Styling Iron ($89.98) features ceramic coated plates that are infused with argan oil and keratin protein to not only help style unruly hair but also add luster and shine. The keratin gives hair strength, shine and makes it easier to manage, while just like argan oil from a bottle, the oil in the plates condition and hydrate the hair cuticle.

Conair Infiniti Pro Oil-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron
Happening Hair Trend: Oil-Infused Hot Tools
(Source: Conair)And of course, timeless haircare brand Conair also jumped on the oil trend with its Infiniti Pro Oil-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron ($36.99). Argan oil is fused with conditioning anti-frizz agents right in the iron. It also boasts infrared energy for less frizz and smoother results. Plus, it comes with a bonus One N Only Argan Oil sample to make sure your hair is seriously taken care of.

Revlon Nutrifusion Triple Oil Infused Conditioning System Curling Iron
Happening Hair Trend: Oil-Infused Hot Tools
(Source: Revlon)Revlon serves up a whole line of oil-infused hot tools with its Triple Oil Infused Conditioning System, which includes three curling irons and one flat iron. Each tool is coated with moringa, macadamia, and argan oils, which are all rich with antioxidants and vitamins that help to reduce hair damage and restore shine each time you style. And at under $25 for the 1 1/2-inch curling iron, you can't beat the price.

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