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Growing out your bangs isn't the easiest feat. Trust me, I know. Like a cartoon character, I have had bangs for nearly 28 years. I've had them when I got my first haircut, and then I kept those blunt bangs right up to my thirties. I apparently don't like change. Now that I'm leaving my twenties behind, I've decided that new me, new hair. And that means I'm getting rid of my fringe.

As it has been growing out painfully slow, I have been trying to find ways to hide the long fringe without necessarily including baseball hats and telltale bobby pins. While scooping my hair to the side and pinning it with a bobby pin is an obvious choice, to me it looks messy and uninspired. But luckily, there are a ton of hair vloggers and stylists who have thought of chic styles to fix that.

Ahead are all the best hairstyles I have found for when you're growing out your bangs. It's a lot of braiding and twisting, but in the end the 'dos are easy to recreate and make growing out your fringe painless. You will even want to keep wearing them long after your bangs are grown — trust me! Take a look at some of the best hairstyles for when you want your bangs out of your face. Yes, it is possible to look chic during those awkward grow-out periods.