Emo Girl Hairstyles

By Sasha on
If you're looking for emo girl hairstyles, look no further than Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams. She changes her look quite frequently so there's no shortage of inspiration! Here are a few of her key looks:Read Full Story

Easy Pin Up Hairstyles

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty)It's much easier to get a rockin' pin up hairstyle when you've got the right set of bangs. Women of the 1950s often wore short, blunt bangs, which is the style popularized by '50s fetish model Bettie Page.But if you don't have bangs to work with, no worries! There are plenty of helpful YouTube tutorials out there on the Internets that will help you to achieve your classic, retro pin up girl look in no time. Here are some of the most popular cuts:Read Full Story

Pantene Long Hairstyles

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Long hair styles continue to retain their popularity year in and year out. Have long hair but need new styling ideas? You've come to the right place! Here are some of our favorite celebrity long hairstyles.Browse long hair styles lookbooks:Read Full Story

Hip Hair Styles

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(Getty)What are the hip hair styles these days? If you take your cues from Hollywood, the look is long and layered, with plenty of touchable texture. Stars like Vanessa Hudgens and her former HSM castmate Ashley Tisdale have wear rocking that style for years, and it doesn't show any signs of letting up.But, you might ask, how do I wear that long, hip hair for formal occasions? Thankfully, we've compiled plenty of lovely-looking formal occasion hairstyle specials for the person seeking a truly...Read Full Story

How long does chunky highlights last for?

By Mercedes on
Are you looking to add highlights to your mane, but wondering how long chunky highlights last for? While it depends on your color and the hair care products you use to maintain your look, chunky highlights could be easily maintainable. Using color conscious products that protect your color from fading it the first step on how to upkeep chunky highlights. Your local stylist can help you pick the right products that are perfect for your mane's color and texture.Read Full Story

How to Style Front Bangs

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Bangs are all the rage right now! Have you just gotten a blunt cut and aren't sure how to style style front bangs? We've got some photos that show you the right look for this years most fashionable style.Florence Welch wears her bangs styled to the front, thick and over her eyes. This is a great, bold way to rock the look.Hilarry Scott from Lady Antebellum is another star with her bangs in full force. These thick ones are slightly curled under for more depth and volume.Fore more tips and...Read Full Story

Short Scene Haircuts

By Dominique Streeter on
If you're looking for examples of great scene hair cuts, look no further than Paramore's front gal, Hayley Williams. The red-tressed singer is known for rocking a variety of 'dos.Hayley's playful vibe perfectly suits her short bright locks, which she wears in a scene hair cut. She's tried out a variety of bangs, which are always styled straight.Other aspects of Hayley's short scene hair cut to consider are the way she messily styles them one day, or curls them in retro waves the next. The...Read Full Story

Pictures of Blond Chunky Hightlights

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Looking to brighten up your 'do with blond chunky highlights? Well look no further because we've got pictures of blond chunky highlights to help you reinvent your look. Whether you're already a blond or if you're adding come color to your brunette locks, we've got something to suit your mane. Check out the stars who rocked blond chunky highlights. Taylor Swift ditched her trademark curls for a sleek hairstyle with blunt bangs. The updated hairstyle gives the songstress a mod look. Looking as...Read Full Story

Hype Hair

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Are you in search for hair that's featured in Hype Hair magazine? Well look no further because we've got all the styles to make you look like you stepped right out of Hype magazine. From Beyonce to Rihanna and everything in between we've got Hype hair that's perfect for you!Janet Jackson shocked and made headlines when she chopped off all her hair, but you have to admit she's seriously rocking this look!Eve rocked a short bob with blunt cut bangs. Soft blond highlights accented her caramel...Read Full Story

Cornrow Hairstyles

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Are you interested in getting inspired by new cornrow hairstyles? Well check out celebs like Snoop Dogg and Jaden Smith who rock different intricate cornrow hairstyles.Snoop Dogg's cornrow hairstyle perfectly suits his devil may care attitude. He's kept this as his signature hairdo for as long as we can remember.12-year-old Jaden Smith already knows how to chat up the ladies, even super stars like Lady Gaga. Perhaps the secret to his charm has something to do with his cornrow hairstyle...Read Full Story