Fastest Hair Growing Vitamins

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Celebrities attend the "Country Strong" Los Angeles Speical Screening at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills. (Photo Agency)more pics »Looking for a way to make your hair grow faster? On the hunt for the fastest hair growing vitamins? Style Bistro has got some tips for you!

1- Soak up some rays! The Vitamin D you get from the sun cannot be replaced by the bottled kind. Hair is known to grow faster in the summer because of the exposure Vitamin D in the sun. So get out and soak up those rays (wearing the proper SPF, of course) for your healthy long locks!

2- Multi-vitamins can definitely make a difference in the speed at which your hair grows. Look for one that is high in Vitamin B and Vitamin D. Our personal favorite can be found at Trader Joes with their "Women's Vitamins for Hair Nails and Skin." You will notice the difference in a few weeks! Other health food stores and some beauty supplies stores have similar formulas.

3- Hair and nails are an overall reflection of your health, so it is important to take care of yourself with sufficient sleep and healthy foods. Vitamins only supplement your health, they are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle.

4- Don't overwash your hair, your natural oils help promote healthy hair growth.

5- Give yourself a scalp massage. Some experts say that softly stimulating the roots of your hair can give your hair the extra boost it needs for healthy growth.

(Make sure to consult your physician before delving into the world of vitamins or trying any of these tips.)