Hip Hair Styles

Hip Hair Styles

What are the hip hair styles these days? If you take your cues from Hollywood, the look is long and layered, with plenty of touchable texture. Stars like Vanessa Hudgens and her former HSM castmate Ashley Tisdale have wear rocking that style for years, and it doesn't show any signs of letting up.

But, you might ask, how do I wear that long, hip hair for formal occasions? Thankfully, we've compiled plenty of lovely-looking formal occasion hairstyle specials for the person seeking a truly hip hair style.

Check out hip hair styles in any of these specials:

Hip Hair Styles
Vanessa Hudgens Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Searching for prom hairstyle ideas? Take some inspiration from Vanessa Hudgens and her glamorous evening 'dos.

Hip Hair Styles
Taylor Swift Prom Hairstyles

Country singer Taylor Swift always looks like a princess, thanks to her gorgeous blond curls. Check out Taylor Swift prom hairstyle ideas.

Hip Hair Styles
Miley Cyrus Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Miley Cyrus has had more than a few chances to dress up during the span of her career. Get prom hairstyle inspiration from the starlet's consistently gorgeous mane!
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