Hair Extensions: What to Get, When and Where

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Wondering what kind of hair extensions you should get? It's a pretty good thing to know before you head to the salon, so kudos for being proactive and doing your research. Hair extensions have the potential to go very, very wrong, as they often lead to hair and scalp damage. No matter what, your hair extensions will have a limited shelf life and require considerable attention and upkeep.

Kourtney Kardashian has a gorgeous head of hair and—surprise!—she uses hair extensions. In 2009 blog post, the eldest Kardashian sister admitted that she had extensions sewn in, and that every now and then she has them taken out to "breathe." It's safe to say that Kim Kardashian wears the same type of hair extensions as well.

If you're just looking to add volume to your scalp, you've got some options:

Extensions: You can get human or synthetic hair added to your own hair through several techniques like fusion, beads or braiding. When done well, the look is seamless, but high-maintenance and requires upkeep every four to six weeks. It can also be very expensive.

Fergie in Billboard's 5th Annual Women In Music AwardsTeasing: Boost your locks with a can of hairspray and a teasing comb. Tease the sections under the top layer of your hair, so it still presents a smooth exterior. Be careful not to overdo it and if you have doubts, google 80s hairstyles—your hair should NOT look like that.

Curling: Curling your hair automatically adds volume. Hot curlers are the most effective, since they boost your hair from the roots, but a curling iron works fantasically as well.

Volumizing mousse: Run a strawberry-sized dollop of volumizing mousse through damp hair, then blow dry normally. For added boost, flip your hair over and blow dry your roots while upside down.

Volumizing potion: Pure Abundance hair potion by Aveda comes in powder form and is sprinkled onto the roots of the hair. Heat created by rubbing activates the powder and can add up to 17% more volume to hair. Make sure not to shake the container or the product liquifies and can't be used.

If you're already rocking a weave, consider these options for how to give your head a proper rest:

  • Hit the salon. Certain extensions can be difficult to remove by yourself and a trained professional would be able to do it without damaging your hair.

  • Think about a trim. Whether you need to cut off the damaged hair, or just re-shape your locks, snipping off an inch or two can help make your hair look and feel healthier.

  • Pamper your noggin. Give your hair and scalp a treat by indulging in a deep conditioning treatment or massage.

  • Switch your shampoo. Now that your locks are back to their natural form, you'll need to get a new shampoo best suited for your hair. 

  • Rock your look! Your processed hair may have been a security blanket—and you may feel naked without your old 'do—but just hold your head high and strut your stuff and you'll look absolutely amazing.

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