Is Vegetable Glycerin Good for Hair

Like many women out there, you wight be wondering if vegetable glycerin good for hair? Well, we're here to help and just like you we're wondering what the answer is to the big question. Is Vegetable glycerin good for hair?

Glycerin is hygroscopic. This means it draws moisture (water) from its surrounding. It is very good at doing this, because it has 3 water attracting groups. This is the reason why some people say that glycerin is drying which is sort of true but not really.

If you expose glycerin to air, it will saturate itself to the point where it does not need any more water. And when you put it in water, then it will REALLY saturate itself and will not draw water away from your hair. Therefore, the message is glycerin plus water, is good! While the herbs and essences probably just make the product smell good, the glycerin is the stuff that makes it moisturising.

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