Real Life Issues Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand


Embracing your curls is a beautiful thing; it's just the struggle along the way us curly-haired girls have a problem dealing with sometimes. Oh, and when it comes to burgeoning prices on hair products that promise to tame frizz? Not. Okay. Do you have any idea how much we spend on hair products? Do you?

On that note, here are some major real life issues only girls with naturally curly hair will understand. Because the frizzy hair struggle is real. Trust us.

Let's be real: Humidity is not nice to your hair.

Real Life Issues Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand

I swear I had a sleek blowout twenty minutes ago...

You're forced to wake up early just to fix your hair.

Real Life Issues Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand

Waking up in those precious early morning hours to wash, blow-dry, fix and yank a comb through those tangled tresses while girls of finer hair types get to sleep in. Man, I'm begrudging of that extra hour of beauty sleep in the morning – and do you blame me?

Having to straighten the same strand of hair over, and over, and over again.

We've all been there. Seriously, that little crease that forms on the back of your head after you take your hair out of a ponytail can go from minor annoyance to MAJOR ISSUE real quick when your hair is this unruly.

You go through an insane amount of combs and/or brushes.

Real Life Issues Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand

Ever had to yank a comb through a super-thick mane? Watch those teeth break. Watch them crumble and fall!

Disclaimer: Please don't ever brush thick, curly hair if/when it's dry. Just say no. Unless, of course, you're okay with looking like you would have fit in just fine in the '80s. Hot Tub Time Machine, here I come!

When your hair looks its best RIGHT before you get in the shower.

Guilty again!

Keeping a straight face when girls with perfectly frizz-less hair tell you, "But curly hair is so pretty! I wish my hair could hold a curl."

Real Life Issues Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand

Sure, it looks good now, but do you even wanna know how much product it took to get it to look this way?

Long story short: No. You don't. Some things are better left unsaid. And untouched. In other words, please don't touch my hair.

The yield sign phenomenon.

Real Life Issues Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand

Oh, the dreaded yield sign. This is otherwise known as the situation in which you get your hair done and it looks totally fine at the salon, but then you go home and utter and complete chaos ensues. Re: You try to style it on your own and your formerly flawless 'do is suddenly much more reminiscent of a yield sign than the hair atop your head.

Alternately, let's say you want to experiment with your hairstyle a little. Why not? Let's say you go so far as to get your hair cut in a style other than those tried-and-true "long layers." Play with fate, why don't you? The thing is, you'll soon realize just how much your long layers meant to you. (O long layers, how we love you. And WE'RE SORRY! Take us back, please!) Well, it's too late now... Now that your hair looks like a triangle.

Repeat, I repeat DO NOT ever chop off more than an inch if you aren't fully ready (as in mentally, physically and emotionally) to deal with the consequences.

The fact that a poodle is actually your spirit animal.

And let's just say the beach can be a scary, scary place if you plan on actually getting in the water.

Fringe bangs?

Real Life Issues Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand

So cute! So effortless on straight-haired girls who can pull off that soft romantic wave when they curl their hair (Zooey Deschanel, anyone?) And wildly impractical if you have naturally curly hair and also, um, a LIFE. Night out? Sure! But can I bring my straightener along with me in my purse? And, like, an entire battalion of bobby pins?


When your hair pretty much has a life of its own.

You know those glorious hair commercials where they show the model's total hair transformation, complete with their tresses before and after? (Yeah, we're looking at you, Garnier Fructis.) Just gonna go ahead and admit that the model's hair tangled tresses "Before" – pretty much what this curly mane looks like when I get up every morning. Bed head ain't got nothing on this.