Clawz Let You Live Out That 'Haircut from a Serial Killer' Fantasy

(Photo: Getty Images)

Have you ever wished you could get your hair done by a guy with a bad soul patch razor-tipped fingers? If so, let us introduce you to Valentino Losauro, a man who spent years developing a styling technique that looks like it's straight out of the Saw films.

He's the wolverine of weaves, the honey badger barber, the hair stylist of your nightmares, and he can chop your locks in half the time. Still not convinced? He'll do it blindfolded!

If you're gonna trust a man to claw your scalp, let it be Valentino Losauro. After all, he did win the "World Olympic Gold medal hair stylist," which is apparently a thing.

Watch him work his horrifying magic on some poor model desparate of work during a segment on a local morning news show:

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