Next Level Video Fitness, From Booya

Next Level Video Fitness, From Booya(Courtesy: Booya, ChaiseFitness)You've heard of boutique hotels and boutique agencies, but how about a boutique workout? Meet Booya Fitness, an online workout video streaming service that provides "boutique workouts" for busy users who don't have time to get to the gym. (Think of it as the Netflix of workout videos.)

How does it work? Well, unlike buying one workout video series, the cool thing about Booya is that a $9.99 monthly subscription fee gets you variety: unlimited access to a range of fitness video content ranging from fun to challenging––and both! If you're not sure you want to commit, no problem. Anyone who signs up can watch the site's daily featured video, for free. (Each month, Booya Fitness features seven videos, each corresponding to a day of the week.)

Next Level Video Fitness, From Booya(Courtesy: Booya, Bolly) Since its January 2014 launch, Booya's content has grown to include workouts from fourteen popular high-end trainers and gyms, including ChaiseFitness, BeyondBarre, Trooper Fitness, and GRIT by Brit (most of whom charge $150 or more an hour for a personal training session, just to put things into perspective).

And, on the sweat menu for this summer is a plethora of new content, including sessions with Olympians Morgan Beck and Bode Miller, David Barton Gyms, BarreBeeFit, and more.

Next Level Video Fitness, From Booya(Courtesy: Booya, Beyond Barre)