Three Easy Ways to Look Good at the Gym

3 Ways How to Look Good At the Gym: Hair and Makeup Tips from a Pro(Source: Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America, istock/Thinkstock)Looking great at the gym is an art unto itself. Whether you're into spinning, yoga, running, weights or fitness classes, priority one while working out is usually practicality––as it should be! But it's always nice to take pride in your toned, fit self and look good, too. So what are the best, gym-friendly hair and makeup looks around? Knowing that sweaty mascara-stained cheeks aren't a good look for anyone, we consulted an expert: Ginger Ressler, co-founder and chief stylist of Fabletics. Here are her top gym styling tips:

What's your favorite way to do your hair before a workout?
"A simple and workout-friendly look is to slick your hair back into a high, tight ponytail at your crown, and then braiding your pony. This look is especially great for running or for workouts with a lot of body movements such as Pilates or yoga because it will keep your hair out of your face."

How do you preserve your hairstyle while sweating it out?
"If you’ve just had a blowout and want to preserve it, twisting your hair up into a bun will keep your hair up and away from your sweaty face and neck. Use bobby pins instead of a hair elastic to avoid that ugly hair dent. Keeping the bun loose will let sweat evaporate—you’ll be able to take your hair down and do a quick blast with a hairdryer to refresh your blowout."

Finally, makeup. Do you wear makeup at the gym? If so, what are your tips to make the less-is-more rule work for your workout beauty look?
"Wearing a face full of makeup at the gym is a no-no because it can cause breakouts and clog pores, but there are some simple tricks for making sure you look your best without compromising your skin. Instead of foundation, try using a waterproof tinted moisturizer or BB cream for some light coverage. For color on your lips, go with a lightly tinted lip balm. A waterproof mascara will help you avoid raccoon eyes."

3 Ways How to Look Good At the Gym: Hair and Makeup Tips from a Pro(Source: Fabletics)