Workout Wednesday: Sadie Kurzban's Party-Ready Toning Moves

The 305 Fitness founder makes toning your arms, glutes and legs more fun than ever in just three moves.

Workout Wednesday: Sadie Kurzban's Party-Ready Toning Moves
(Source: 305 Fitness)

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Who: Sadie Kurzban, founder and CEO of 305 Fitness
Best fitness advice ever received: "Do what you love! If you don't like to run or do yoga, don't do it because someone said you should. The exercise that burns the most calories is the one that you can see yourself doing consistently, every day! So just get out there and move!"
Favorite pre or post-workout snack: "Whatever I'm craving. Before a workout, a banana works well. Something that packs in some sugar that will keep me going for an hour or longer. After a workout, I try to throw in some protein, so Greek yogurt, chocolate milk, a handful of nuts."
Favorite workout gear: "High-waisted leggings from American Apparel are flattering on my shorter frame. Love the shiny ones in black ($45!) I also love everything Nike. In the winter months, this bomber jacket ($100) is a life saver."
Gym bag beauty essential: "I've got curly hair and it's not easy to maintain with all of the sweat and humidity. After a workout, I'll take my hair out of the bun and use Deva Curl Mist-Er Right ($20) to revitalize my curls. For skincare, I'm a fan of Josie Maran face wipes ($12) to avoid spills in my bag, and keep my skin clean and clear."

Go-to Exercise: Arms-Legs-Glutes Toning Sequence
"It’s important to complement any standard cardio routine with a toning or sculpting workout. In each 305 class, we incorporate a toning section that targets your arms, legs and glutes."

Workout Wednesday: Sadie Kurzban's Party-Ready Toning Moves
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